Now Is The Time to Know Your Witnesses

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Our blockchain did not get sold on us from under our feet.

The biggest dapp did.

Phew. I "knew" that, but I got caught up in the hype of OMG, and temporarily forgot that.

This means that we, as a community have power. But, that power only works, if we use all our power, and work together.

I don't really want to go to tron. Not because I know anything about tron, but because I don't like being forced to do... anything. Swapping out my tokens is not forcing my hand, but, doing a hostile takeover, using Justin Sun's stake to vote in witnesses would be.

How do we protect ourselves against that?

Power in numbers.

So make sure you are using all your witness votes

And make sure that all the witnesses you vote for would not buckle down to a hostile takeover.

Bild von ADD auf Pixabay I went to pixabay and typed in "witness" and this popped up, I was too tickled by it to not use it in my post

This is the time to be aware, this is the time to pay attention, and this is the time to #keepsteeming. Justin does not want our blockchain, he does not want our developers, he does not want our witnesses, he wants US, the community, the users, the people who are here blogging and keeping this place alive.

Of course, I could be wrong, and dude could just be wanting to aquire something that is a great investment and keep everything as is. In that case: voting for witnesses and paying attention to what you are doing is STILL SOMETHING THAT IS VALUABLE when you are spending your time and money on a project.

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Okay I still have 5 votes to cast and it is hard to pick who will not buckle, perhaps you could make some suggestions for those last 3 votes of mine?

Have you voted @thekitchenfairy?

Also, any of the top 30 seem to be steem blockchain lovers who are willing to keep our blockchain going.

I will vote for the kitchen fairy