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RE: Just some random November thoughts...

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Hello @steemchiller, it’s been a while, thanks for the encouragement, I bet it means a lot for people of little faith about the Steem Vision. As for me, Steem is my Stake!

Please check out this school children on Steem blockchain; I think that they may fit in your criteria here. They’re coming from as far as Africa but are doing good on steem blockchain with their educational articles as well as promoting Steem to other Schools in Africa.

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I see @korghawk @beatsbema @gloriouskids and @maxdevalue all send rewards to the same binance address. This (plus your name of 'max devaluation') looks a bit suspicious to say the least. Where do those STEEM really go to?

Good question @steemchiller, there’s no skeleton anywhere, I introduced them to Steem, the widow running the school isn’t a guru like you, I help them sell Steem each time the school need funds for books and other accessories for the children, I’m not in hiding about my help to them, even today they called for our country’s fiat which I’ve transferred to them for their steem. The account at Binance is mine, I’m a coin trader in Nigeria making sure that Nigerians can transact and exchange our fiat currency for their cryptos, Steem inclusive, I have account with Bittrex, LocalBitcoin etc.

@korghawk is my wife’s account 😄 we are expecting our baby girl in few weeks! My family are all Steemers and I’m loving it. Steem has helped us much, Steem gave us a shelter last year, who knows it might also help Glorious Kids build a better learning environment one day.

I’m investing in Steem that’s why you see @beatsbema where I invested on tribe tokens (sports tokens to be precise)

If there’r other ways that I can make Steem more popular in my country, I will @steemchiller.

Thanks for the Audit, I believe that sincerity remains the best way to strengthen Steem blockchain.



Thank you @maxdevalue! I will have a look later the day.
Now I first need to have some sleep to recharge Chiller's batteries... :)


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