Hive to Steem Exchange...

in steem •  2 months ago 

There has been a lot of updates on HIVE ecosystem yet no many including myself is aware exactly how to have access to our HIVE wallets. Recent on a discord channel I stumbled upon a website that will assist users to extract their HIVE token and be able to exchange it to Steem and vise versa via the Steem-Engine.

Is it safe to use? Well I have yet to test it myself but am interested as current HIVE prices is close 1 HIVE gets 1.4 Steems. On the flip side those who wish to convert all their Steem to Hive can also use the site.

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Have a witness !BEER

you can use blocktrades to... you get a good deal going hive to steem 100H--> 141 Steem and pay a premium going steem to hive 141 S--> 88 Hive.