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RE: Decentralized Standards Of Behavior | Ranty STEEM Freewrite

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Nothing would make them happier than their delegation bots and complex self-voting systems being able to operate unabated

This is why, I (mmmmkkkk311) downvoted your great post. You are delegating SP to one of their bots


Please do educate me. I have my share of learning to do, just like everyone else.

@steembasicincome in my opinion this is vote trading circle based on delegation bots farm. The more you delegate, the higher upvote you will get

I guess you forgot to undelegate after last hardfork

That being the case, the downvote reinforced my point. And if that is the opinion, I'm happy to receive it. Imagine if someone removed that ability, THAT is the crux of my argument.

I'm not sure how votes are actually getting traded as you claim, but it certainly is a type of self-upvote scheme.

I like the fact that you're so open minded @joshman

I still disagree how downvotes can (and are) being abused (and there is no way to counter it).

If only everyone who uses downvote would also put some effort into contacting their 'target' and explaining reasons behind downvote. But it's often simply not happening :(


@mariuszkarowski, You and @mmmmkkkk311 are flagging my posts, and I am not delegated to SBI. What's that all about? Also, if you're so against SBI, then why do most of your posts have a large up-vote from @sbi7? Seems a bit hypocritical.

But by all means, do what you want with your stake. Flag away!

I'm using, just added your account to whitelist