2 year Anniversary post // Steem has changed :(

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If you read the title and expected me to cry a river over how whales suck and how everything sucks and the sky is falling and how that sucks as well, you were wrong. #clickbait

Im sorry to disappoint you toxic pricks. haha

Youre all mean to me because you dont want to do what im telling you to do, IM SELLING ALL MY STEEM AND BUYING BITCOIN!

That wouldnt be original, would it? lol
No, i wanted to point out another funny occurrence thats tied into me landing on Steem and how stuff has changed over time. Just my perspective of it.

I arrived here in early 2018 so its around my second year anniversary. 1. post, 1. comment, account creation date, doesnt matter, its around this time.
I have never experienced a bull market if you dont take the short 2018 April rise in price when STEEM hit 4 USD. Im a bear market child all the way.

Looking back at the time after the crazy gains and Steem millionaires its kind of amazing how the social aspect of the platform changed.

During the early 2018 there were so many people here. For those that came later it would be extremely hard to comprehend how many actual people there were. According to some accounts Steemit alone had more then 100k daily users. That put it in top 800 websites in the world. Something that no crypto dapp has ever achieved and will ever achieve again (unless Steemit gets its shit straight).

You had booming communities, so many of those forgotten (Utopian, Openmic, Sndbox, Whaleshares, etc.) , you had initiatives that were spearheaded by minnows, yes fucking minnows! which had promise but eventually died in the bear market.
At a point in time some Steem discord communities had more members then most of the top 10 in MC blockchains have users right now.

How the times have changed...

During the $8...7...6...5...4321 times you had legit millionaires here on Steem. Yep. You would drop in here with your pants on a stick taking photos of sunsets and trees and shit hoping the guys that were worth millions would pay your rent for the month.
Accounts like @blocktrades could drop insane votes for $500-$1000, a 10% @curie vote was something like $150. It was insane.
But... There were so many fucking people here that it was very hard to get noticed and so much spam, fakery and fuckery to come with it.

You couldnt get to anyone. The whales were literal gods sitting on their pedestals sprinkling goodies on the peasants below and jerking each other off behind the curtain for witness votes.

Jesus, now that i look back its hilarious how the mighty have fallen. haha
You guys remember the @adsactly drama (He/they just followed me yesterday so they reminded me) and how they were basically a cult with devoted followers? How they had those boring 40-50 "What is Adsactly" posts that read like the Communist Manifesto or "The Secret" with Oprah. Adsactly would open your minds eye...

Give people some money and a ideology and just watch what kind of bullshit they come up with.

And its not only them. They were possibly the most well known cult type community but you had others as well. Money changes things it seems and as the price kept dropping its like these groups were introduced to sanity once again.

You had some Steem Power, thats it, you didnt invent electricity, ffs!

Then you had big stake holders that were drunk on power. Self important. You had community leaders that would accumulate stake support that thought they were on top of the world.
Anyone remember the self fellatio, pale faced salamander @jerrybanfield? He was a factor back then. #TheFaceOfSteem... He did some dumb shit but folks would tolerate him because he shilled Steem hard on Facebook and Youtube.


If you had a whale friend you were a factor. A whale voted you, a whale commented on your post, a whale sent you a discord message. You were the "real deal". You were ripe to lead the minnow army.
Its ridiculous when you look at it now but at the time when STEEM was around a billion USD in MC those things meant something.

Blocktrades was kind of a holy grail of votes you could get. I remember my first Blocktrades vote. It was during the Bernie-Haejin fight way into the bear market. I wrote some dumb shit like: "Why cant we all just get along, use our power for good...?"
It was retarded. I was still a padawan.
Getting $30 for some basic bitch comment felt good, though. lol
@curie was also a big deal then until the whales that created it all left.

There used to be so much politics at play on so many levels. Minnows, dolphins, orcas... Now everything basically goes on in 2-3 Slack groups... and @steemflagrewards discord: "Oh no i got downvoted, why you do dis to me?!" lol

So much intrigue that meant something since significant money (not $10-$30 like today) and influence was at stake.
The whales would leverage numbers and communities to push up their witness ranking. Many traded witness votes openly. (Yes this shit went on like it is today on EOS)

You had nutjobs develop Cults of Personality around them. People with a lot of (which was "temporary" looking at it now) money throw around the most fucked up, morally deplorable tantrums and the bottom feeders would eat that shit up and kiss ass 24-7.
The amount of ass kissery has dropped significantly along with the price.
A good example is Fyrstikken with his retarded tantrums and his pose of cronies jerking him off in the chat. It was cringy to watch. I felt second hand shame for all of them.
I remember one of his tantrums very vividly:


With a 3D skull in the video, when talking about why he sells his votes and why you should go fuck yourself.

It was a hilarious time. When you could not get to the big stake holder because they didnt need you because they were bigger then life with their "Estimated account values".
You were just a name and there were many many names. You were just a number because the numbers were large.

But whats happening now????

Huh? You fuckers, you... lol.

The times have changed. I could argue for each side. Is it better or worse?
Well price is low so its worse ofc haha. But the little guys opinion is worth more because of it.

Because we are all in the 95% drop dumpster, the opinion of the person that wasnt worth jack shit during the <$1 era now means something.
The shittier the economy does the closer we are in equality. Goddamn thats sad. (Greece must be the most egalitarian nation in the world. @trumpman haha)
I kid Trumpman and his dildos. :P

When you were just a statistic among the hundreds of thousands of others you were worth nothing and your opinion was worth nothing.
But now that youre here, now that youve stuck around no matter how hard all of them have fucked up, no matter how big of a cunt whales and Steemit.inc were towards the community, now you get a voice. I mean ive been seeing it for a long time now. Bunch of dolphins and minnows pressuring change for the better.

The power of Steem was always in those that believe in it. Sure, we have a borderline Plutocracy in place but when theres just a $20 dollar difference between a minnows and a whales post payout, that for some strange reason brings us closer together and the voice of the little guy starts to mean more.


So yeah, 2 years here.... Its been a blast. Loved every minute of it. Every vote and downvote.
Even with all the failures of Steemit.inc and shitty whale behavior that goes on to this day i dont regret for one second being a part of this story.
Where else in crypto would i go? Gamble on TRON and EOS? Retweet how Kobe Bryant attended the TRON convention a day after he died? Spend all day on twitter shilling Bitcoin?

  1. I cant even force myself to be so morally despicable.
  2. Id shoot myself out of boredom. Theres literally only 5 things you can say about Bitcoin that you repeat over and over and over. lol

I picked a team and im sticking with it.
At the end of the day.... its just money. ;)

Cheers....To many more....


well I guess I'm pretty late and missed all the fun :))
Though you're absolutely right about the quality of the materials here.

Don't worry. If steem goes back to $5 all that shit will happen again.

Haha. That is very true. :D

Big IF 😆

Lol, I enjoyed the read and then saw my name pop up. Here, have my 6 cents

You gotta name drop sometimes. lol

Ahh, the smell of @adsactly bullshit on Steem every day during those times. Where is @velimir now? Looks like he is long gone, picked up his money and cleared the area. Good for him, but bad for everyone who ever gave him more than a dollar in upvotes. That cult is still here, I still don't know why, their credibility is long gone.

Oh Velimir... He packed up his bags and left a long time ago. I remember he was making like 100k HRK a month at one point. A CEOs paycheck in Croatia lol. Ni Emil Tedeschi mu nije bia ravan a on posta slike po netu. lol.

The cult kind of slowly withered away imo. They lost the mistery of what happens if you get into the inner circle. What happens behind the scene. They had this mistery about them. Turned out it was just a elaborate circle jerk. Although ill give them props, they did support some interesting outside projects.

on je bio jedan od prvih likova na koje sam naleteo kad sam se registrovao na steem, i nista mi nije bilo jasno, cifre na blogovima su bile prilicno neverovatne, i znam da sam pomislio, ako on sa ovim fotkama ovako zaradjuje, sledece godine u ovo vreme ja cu biti milioner :D

Haha. Jesmo svi krivo mislili. Stvari su malo drugacije funkcionirale.

You see what happens when you upvote high-quality posts. They cash out and eventually leave. I rather circlejerk with people who I know will power up and stick around.

I'm sure you meant "high quality" posts. I never considered anything from velimir to be of high quality. Shitposts at best.

Kind of unfair to people who make high quality posts though.

Great walk down memory lane with your typical arrogance built in.

Loved it.

For each of the projects you hate, someone else likes it and feels it is a sincere project.. or at least most of them.

I do remember and also want to say how fun and amazing Steem was during the bull market and I sure hope we experience it again. With half as much Steem, my account at one point was worth $94,000.

Anyway, great post, I enjoyed it.

You all it "arrogance", i call it "flavor. haha

I dont really "hate" projects. Hate wastes time and leads to disappointment in the whole thing. All of what i write is my take on things, be it right or wrong...



 last year (edited)

Ha, it has been a pretty interesting experience and experiment in how people behave. Sadly, it is all pretty damn predictable... But there are a few of us, just plugging away... Not really too fussed one way or the other! Naturally, I wouldn't turn away the attention of a whale though...

PS, happy 2 years!

It has been extremely interesting. Its kind of like people now gravitate more towards people that have something to say, that they find interesting while during the "olden day" everyone gravitated towards that monthly rent. lol.

Everyones much more approachable nowadays that the price dropped significantly. Money does create an odd artificial gap between people. The ones that "want" and the ones that can "give".

The protracted bear market was the best thing that could have happened in my estimation.

I'll make an exception to my 10% rule for this one.

Appreciated. I upped my 30% comment rule as well. :D

happy 2 :)

excellent post, thanks

Thx man.

That's some really great memories there bro.

It was fun and weird, so I left for a year or so, and coming back this year, damn, things have improved a lot.

There is still a few stupid things happening, like 🥔 and 🔥, but overall, things look way better.

Except utopian. I really miss it.

I think that the price drop was the best thing that could have happened to Steem.

Id say it was the best thing to happen... if the price bounces back. The chain improved a lot in many aspects which was the effect of the bear market.
Especially the way the community can force whales to take responsibility for their actions. Before there was literally nothing you could do.

As long as we bounce back, and id be happy with just 1 dollar STEEM for the next 5 years, i think the bear market did a lot for the ecosystem.

I wouldn't count on prices reaching 2017-18 levels again. The liquidity of tokens have increased a lot, and price movements this big is going to be a bit harder to reach.

But maybe 2-3 USD isn't too far fetched if we are indeed on the beginning of a new bill market.

You've only been here 2 years! I thought for sure you were one of the early arrivals. You always seem to know your stuff, so I'd read your conversations, but rarely add anything, because I felt I couldn't possibly compare to your experience. 😆 It seems odd you missed the bull market, but wow, I'd forgotten the user base was that active back then.

This was a fun and funny read. Love your gif placements!

Just because i have a big mouth doesnt mean i know what im talking about. haha :D
I kid, thx for the compliment.

I dunno, ive tried to be involved in things STEEM related as much as i can since i dont have any discernible talent like so many folks here.
When you follow steem topics for 2 years you are bound to learn something. lol

That must be my problem, I don't follow the Steem topics enough, so I only seem like I know my stuff to newcomers! 😆 As for talent, I'm still trying to figure out if I have any of that...

Ahh I remember shitposting for $100+ through @utopian-io. Speaking of which, they still got 48K SP delegations.

Could you shitpost via Utopian? lol.
I remember some lower effort posts like the marketing ones but mostly it was "decent enough".

I shitpost. Even if others think I make content.


Happy anniversary from another fellow 2 year old!

Man, how some things can change in so little time...

Did you also get a lot of comments or DMs on steem.chat from those "hi dear", "vote 4 vote?", "friend plese read my psot and followandvote" people back then? 😁

Those were fun. I remember there was this really big community from Aceh Malaysia that lead the vote4vote movement. Someone spread the word there that STEEM gives out money and they came in droves. Not all of them were like that but a huge number was.
They were fun. I think the RCs got rid of most of them.

I always thought it would be great to make a documentary about Steem. It would really show the best and worst of humanity. I'm sure historians of the future will have a field day reading the blockchain. So happy I got to live this history and looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Im sure there will be many more interesting things to come. :D

Thanks for the post you goddam arrogant little twit :)

Lol. Youre welcome. :=)

Those were the days,...

Indeed. :)

Haha, such accuracy! Thanks for the chuckles, and all the epic times. It seems we both joined Steem around the same time. It kicked in much much later for me in what situation I found myself in. Love and wouldn't miss anything of it. Happy 2 year anniversary!

Thank you for the nice words. ;)

@adsactly finally disappeared?

nah, they are still kicking, just with a limp. lol.

CYA later!

Where am i going? lol

I thought u were selling your steem for BTC! Sorry i must have read it wrong! Glad u r staying then!


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now it's an appics desert here

so we need the price to stay low :D

i must say it was a fun time in photo communities in that period.

I don't even know or have any plans for a bullrun. I've been writing and earning shit change for over a year now and all the low price has done is motivate me to improve my content. I think the only thing I need now is to get a job and buy a shit ton of Steem and get my dick sucked every time I drop a shitpost.

I thought this was another nag but you surprised me.
It's almost two years for me as well. I have buttlicked, done my time, now I am at liberty to say whatever I want! Well depending on my mood.

Well, I hope for many more years and probably we can catch the next bull run and do some milking ourselves.


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No mention of me huh

you're dead to me

You know how it is... If I don't have anything bad to say I don't say anything at all. 😂😂😂

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 last year Reveal Comment

I just looked it up. In Corinthians 25:18 it says:

"Those that spam onto their brother or sisters post shall suffer the fire eternal.

Thats right out of the bible. You should be careful guys.