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RE: More than one way to earn on Steem, even for small accounts

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@arcange graph has a logarithmic scale which distorts the picture. Especially stacking active accounts on top of inactive accounts.

Still, the amount of inactive accounts is frightening. Steem can't continue like this.


Well the whales would not even show up on a linear scale. I think a lot of the inactive accounts were mass-created by various people. Still, we cannot afford to lose so many real folk. A higher Steem price may bring some back, but getting a better distribution of rewards to good content would help. There are still a lot of people just looking out for themselves and their close friends. We do what we can to help.

Putting active and inactive accounts side by side would make easier to read. Or putting active to at the bottom and inactive at the top.

BTW, this is probably the most damming statistic:

The loss of authors is killing Steem.

I know a lot of people just automate their voting for profit, but some of us enjoy the interaction. Just need to encourage more people to do that on Steem. Billions do it for nothing on other platforms.