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I am a centralized authority of one. I am centralized at the atomic level. I answer to no one, but am willing to collaborate with anyone. Anyone that knows me on here knows I frequently disagree regarding the philosophy of governance. I pay my own rent, and I don't go seeking it from anyone.

That is why i asked you about how you are notified about who to flag and by whom.

I don't recall this so you'll have to refresh my memory.


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In the full context?

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What did you do to stinc?
They got you wiped from their interface.

I could've just used popcorn, but wanted to hand out a token.
It brings more eyes to the conversation.

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Something is definitely up, you show .02stu, but the only vote that shows is marky's flag!

What i don't get is why the steemworld link takes me here but nothing shows in my replies feed.
I wouldn't know you commented without sw.

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You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

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People discover potential downvote-worthy stuff and share it in various forums, including SFR. I decide as to whether or not I want to downvote it. Sometimes I pass, sometimes I join the pile. I don't automate downvotes with this account, so it's all manual. If there's a "Chain of Command" as you state, I am not aware of its existence. It's just based on sharing information and keeping your ear to the ground. This all works in the same way for upvotes as well. For example, is an intel source I use for undervalued stuff to upvote.

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I was considering putting in a SPS for you to be interviewed by a legitimate crew for a Why You Should Steem Advert, because let's face it, nothing would convince people to join Steem more than hearing one of the most vociferous and vitriol filled pussbags against Steem and Steemit alike getting Paid to answer as to what keeps such a sad little and bitter Troll as themselves showing up on Steem.