STEEM vs TRON Stats - See Who Wons, No BIAS, Pure Data

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Lets see the usage of both chains for today to see who gets more of the market here actually and who is more popular after all the "marketing" we got here.

TRON Markets & Volume

Volume 24h: $1,419,366,392 USD // 178,610 BTC

STEEM Markets & Volume

Volume 24h: $2,508,137 USD // 315.64180716 BTC

Summary of this section:

STEEM top15 exchanges and pairs look better, have liquidity (which means they prove volumes to CoinMarketCap) and come from various famous exchanges without some strange ones in the top doing the volume. TRON wins with the volume a lot though.

dApps Usage

I could go to TRON vs STEEM dApps but ther is not need. I go to "top 15 most popular global dApps on all blockchains". That is better to see.

Summary of this section

Within top15 dApps in the world STEEM and Ethereum dominates. Not a single thing from TRON here.
Worth to note that (top5 dApp in the world) is owned by TRON (or rather the CEO, not sure how it was bought by company and which etc) but runs on STEEM blockchain.

Usage of blockchain

Here again i could compare just TRX vs STEEM but to give this a bigger picture i will compare usage of all blockchains.

Summary of this section

What to add, STEEM is top5 used blockchain, TRX is top7. Bith are more used than Bitcoin but TRX is used less than STEEM and STEEM beats even ETH despite it has way more dApps.

The jury call ?

No Bias here. Pure stats.

And i do not claim TRX is a bad chain i just show how popular the chains are in 3 different ways - by trading, by using them (here is all actions sending of coins etc too) and playing with them.


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One most important difference is that TRON is massively centralized and they seems to be happy about it.

true but i wanted to stay unbiased in the article and just share stats

fucking comment farming. @spaminator, @steemcleaners are sneakly farming. shame on u @gtg.

I think steem is competing with eos not tron
tron with fake volume and exchanges do not pose a risk

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true very likely

Haha, Those volumes are fake as F.

WAsh trading to the max.

i know that ;) ive kind of "said it" but not exactly to stay on stats

Sorry, maybe i'm reading wrong... But doesn't the 24 h volume say 1 billion for Tron, and 2 million for steem?

you are 100% right, my mistake.

that was my exact question too.

It's ok :)
Everyone makes mistakes

(Like I just did... finger slipped and I downvoted you by accident hehee... Fixed!)

dont drink and drive :D

Or doze and type? Lolol

You know what I miss most of all (I stopped writing on Steemit about 9 months ago but I still lurk and comment and pinch people randomly... Lol)

But I miss this

Meeting someone new in the comment section and having fun with them...conversing .. just playing around and keeping steem FUN.

So much of that is gone these days

Whenever I go to a post now... There is hardly any banter.. just a lot of token bots.

Feels so sterile and lonely.

I used to bring lots of fun...hehehe

Anyway! Nice to meet you @kingscrown.

I'm Dreemie 😄

I think it's just because so meanly people dropped off because of the bear. It's still a good place to get some goods banter going though.

I would have stuck through any bear.

It was the double death hard forks (20 and 21) that seemed to destroy a ton of commenting cuz all the newbies couldn't afford the RCs anymore.

Oh goes on 🙃

Lets see the usage of both chains for today

Volume on exchanges in not a measure of activity on the chain. It is trading volume. On a DPOS chain the 'activity' is how the chain is being used for applications, transactions and activities on other tools/apps that are built on the chain.

i know that but still thats a public stat that we cannot "hide" to make the comparison better. we know this can be faked but on the other hand we have to share it

Dear @kingscrown

Thanks for sharing link to this post with me. Upvote on the way. Valuable stats.

ps. didnt you get in trouble so far for self-upvoting ? I found it quite risky.

Yours, Piotr

Trading volume is not right indicator for value of a token.

for 100% not esp easily faked

for you

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I went to and see completely different information. Where did you get your Dapp usage information?




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