Shill STEEM to CZ of Binance Legally and get it for US users to trade.

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Of course STEEM trades on Binances international and worth to mention that ive found the initial community voting there that became global action on Steemit. We got there different way though but doesnt matter.

Now they detached US users from others (like most exchanges do) and made

If you have Twitter account (and you should as most votes to add Steemit to exchanges like Okex/Huobi/Binance needed those) you can now help us get STEEM to US users.

All you need to do is reply to this tweet with $STEEM or/and #steemit tags and maybe explain more. Here is his tweet:

You can/should also retweet mine which is a top reply for now


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Let’s do it


Done 💪

good job man!

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thanx @captainquack22 (not sure what happened here :P)

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Why you selfvote you???
Why you Downvote the Steemillu?
No Comments on your overratet posts....

Looks like a candidate for a downvote too....

I like his posts but downvote on @steemillu is not nice, especially i doubt kingscrown consumes German content.

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Selfvoting is not nice too. The downvote under the illu is the same. He have beef with other steemians and donwvote what they did upvote... like a child. :-)
I did not downvote him. I wait for a answer.

Also für seine Selbstbefriedigung hätte er schon einen Downvote verdient. Aber nur aus Rache, sollte man keine verteilten.

Tit for Tat, nennt man das. Ich habe ihn nicht gedownvotet. Noch nicht, bin gespannt ob es ihm eine vernünftige Antwort wert ist. Womit ich dan tit for double tat, mit ihm spiele.
Ich bin nicht rachsüchtig und leider viel zu nachsichtig. Aber so einer muss mal ein wenig "gestupst" werden wie es aussieht.

Ich denke, dieses sagt eine Menge über ihn aus ;)

@alucian please dont spam this post as its about helping STEEM get exchange.

if you want something just pm me, im on discord all the time.

also it was once and 9 days ago... you say like i did it many times. ive countered curation reward of one user, nothing against illu

edit: hell, i will upvote her next post that i like.