How did I get here | Why am I still here?

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Yesterday my feed was totally clogged with this question. Clogged isn't the right word for it I guess, it sounds like you don't want it t be here. Like a toilet which is clogged. This is a good presence. Madame @snook initiated it, with the valid questions 'Why am I still here?' which automatically leaded to the first question 'but how did I get here even?'



Lets start with this at first. I am not a writer. I don't edit stuff, I don't want to be a professional at it because that would take too much responsibility. I write stuff because I like to. It ventilates my mind, and actually is kind of a neat life line of stuff you are/were interested in. If you see spell failures, they will remain there until the end of days, I don't care enough to go and read back. I guess I always #freewrite ;)

I started writing on a Dutch blogging site in Spring/ Summer 2017. This was payed per click and had absolutely no reprecussions for people who were stealing others content. I didn't realize this to the fullest actally, so sometimes I would find myself seeing a cool image and sharing this, without any source or whatsoever covered. I didn't realize this was a thing. I was just often bored at my job because we had to wait a lot.

I was living on the small island of Sint Martin in the Caribbean at the time. The land where beaches are beautiful and the government never seems to disappoint you more. 9 elections in 10 year. Stuff you will not notice when you are a tourist, but when you live here, this is annoying.



Then hurricane Irma came to the island. A cat 5+ monster which kind of wrecked our lives how we knew it. I was still writing on the Dutch blogging site. @anouk.nox was one of the people who was also there who introduced me to the world of Steem. She said 'write your stuff there, #hurricane is trending atm, maybe you can make a buck out of it to rebuild your stuff'

And so I went. Into the deep dark world of crypto and blogging. Crypto was new to me, but the learning curve on Steem was steep. Some failures were made, some money was lost, but overal the amount of knowledge was growing fast. I don't regret coming here. I believe crypto has the future.

Steem showed me there is a tremendous group likeminded people who believe in this technologie. I believe BTC one day when the wealth has been better spread it will be used a another sort of payment, like gold is compared to other commodities, and as the US dollar is compared to say the Swiss Franc. When I sometimes carefully spread this idea of thinking, the reactions aren't always as you would hope. Don't bring up the topic on a first date I would say, it might be a bit of a scare for people (especially because nobody sees woman thinking this way)



I have been living in Switzerland for the last year and a half, close to a town called Zug which is known als the crypto valley of the world. Crypto is wide accepted and adapted here, but I do not have the feeling that this is because so many people there believe in the technologie, I get the feeling this is still because they want to launder their mailbox shell companies, but hey....who am I ;)

But when I look around me there are not a lot of believers. Ofcourse loads of friends where in on the December 2017 hype but by now they have lost about all hope. The bigger picture isn't here

And that is what I like in Steem. People see the picture here. Sometimes there is also desperation, because nothing is going as we hope it will go (moon and lambos and asap please) but in the end we will all get there. I still enjoy reading other peoples stories, even though my feed isn't filled all that much these days.

I write when I have something to write. Mostly it is about travel stuff, because I am on the road a lot. This might change next year when I go back to live in Holland again. I don't know. I'm not sure how this will all look like in the future, but writing and reading. Yeah, that will continue.

I went to Steemfest 3 and 4. I met people. I can consider people who I have met there as people who I want to know from how they are doing, They write on Steem. Ergo -> I will be sticking around longer for the community and the likemindedness.....and when crypto moons, we will see who is still here or came back!


They write on Steem. Ergo -> I will be sticking around longer for the community and the likemindedness..

me too!!

sorry, not sorry, to fill your feed up with great posts to read LOLL

I loved your story!! Thank You for being a part of Steem and the great community.

hahha dont be sorry of filling up my feed!! The feed is way too empty and it deserves more cool people on there!

Thank YOU for getting this inspiration going, and we will see us back in the near future I suppose hehehe

Ahh, the dark world of crypto, indeed... But why not have fun blogging and logging hours here on Steemit? If we make new friends and hare a laugh or two, all this time may be worth it, even if Steem never rises again...



Well exactly, even if it would all fall apart,...all what I have learned from it it by far not lost.
Why not write and capture some memories, make some friends along the line AND even make a buck with it!

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