Steem up 50% on the day, currently sitting @ $.22 on Bittrex!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Steem has been beat up more than most over the past 2 years

However, that may be about to change.

As I type, steem is currently trading at $.22 on Bittrex.

It's up close to 50% in the last day or so.

Check it out:


This is the highest it has been in close to a year

I'm not really sure the reason for the pump at this point, but I will take the pump any way I can get it.

Looking at the exachanges where most of the volume is coming from, it looks like we can mostly thank the Asians for this rally.

Steem seeing it's heaviest volume on the Binance and Huobi Global exchanges.

With the kind of bullish action we have see in the altcoin markets the past few days, we may very much be in the midst of altcoin season.

Let me remind you that the last few altcoin seasons took steem from $.07 to $2.80 and then from $.80 to $9.

Hopefully we see something anywhere close to those types of returns again here!

Stay informed my friends.


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Pretty crazy and unexpected. Would be very nice if Steem held above .20, but...crazy pumps tend to beget big dumps.

Was there some news I missed or was this just a random pump?

No news that I heard.

Holy Moly, this jump has moved Steem to 67 on Coin Marketcap! I will have to eat some crow if it stays there as I was predicting a fall from the top 100.

Hopefully you have to eat a ton of crow this year!

And I will find some good ways to cook it.

Maybe some rumor about steem that we do not yet know of right now that causes this @jrcornel ;)

Not sure, hopefully it holds though.

thats a great news ..... it's a beginning of 2020.... 😃

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This may only be the beginning for 2020 and Steem. Let's hope Steem has a gradual incline and holds good levels so that Steemit employees and other people trying to make an income from Steem don't get hosed by p&d'ers

Yep, plus if prices go up in USD, perhaps they start selling less coins to make payroll etc.

I was thinking, what could have startled all this. Maybe that:

Just to put something on the table, since there is nothing.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact the Voice will not launch on EOS?

Per the article Block One will run on a private implementation of EOS. All of a sudden the supposed steemit killer looks more like a centralized platform instead making steem once again the only viable option for a descentralized and censorship resistent blogging/social media platform.

I think that STEEM will go up in the next 6 month

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I could see it getting back over a dollar again pretty easily. If some things go right I think we could see some higher numbers for sure.

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