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And the irony continues...

Steem just got listed on another exchange.

We are in the midst of a very public stalemate with Justin Sun, Tron, and just about all the witnesses.

However, that hasn't stopped steem from getting on a couple more exchanges.

Recently KuCoin announced that they would be listing steem:

And now, due to Justin Sun and Tron, Poloniex announced they will be re-listing steem as well:


Steeming on...

This listing wasn't all that surprising as it was announced it likely would be added previously and Poloniex is now owned by Justin Sun and Tron.

However, with all the drama as of late, I was personally starting to wonder if we would still see the listing.

It's ironic in that during perhaps steem's most controversial (and darkest?) times, it is finally getting listed on more exchanges, something that hasn't happened much in the past couple years.

I'm not sure how much the Poloniex listing will actually matter as I still don't think US based users can use it and the rest of the steem community probably won't use it out of spite, but either way more exchange listings in general are always welcomed in my book.

Stay informed my friends.


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@jrcornel this is a good news sir,at least a good news since the recent issues on steemit started....

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This is the positive news of the day for #steem.
Its real value is clearly defined.

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Crooked poloniex, I stay far away from that place!

I'm not really fan of Poloniex, but I do have an account there... Maybe if one day Steem is worth selling, I will sell them for BTC and invest in better cryptocurrencies or just cash out...

Didn't they (Poloniex) effectively steal a bunch of steem from users by de-listing, and not giving adequate notice to remove tokens?

This sounds like an abusive husband coming back home -- not really a good thing.


I have/had an account there and there was more than enough information regarding the delisting and plenty of time to move assets. I do remember something like a million steem was left in there though, and appeared to be dumped on the market eventually.

When US based users got the boot, they converted any remaining assets left in people's accounts into USDC and then sent it to their corresponding state of residence.

Interesting. Thanks for the details -- I figured it would be a little shady if it was a 'flash' announcement of the de-listing. It's easy to miss emails / tweets / notifications sometimes. Lord knows my fiat bank still has my address from about 10yrs and 4-houses ago -- probably sending various notices there still.

I don't use Poloniex myself, and don't store anything on exchanges unless I'm actively trading / converting things.

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Always glad to see more exchange listings, however:

Poloniex recently gave a witness proxie of 2.294 Million Steem to dev365, Justin's sock puppet witness voting account. Please do not transfer any Steem to Poloniex, they are propping up the puppets! Huboi and Binance have withdrawn their proxies but Poloniex is still actively voting the sock puppets through their witness proxie to Justin's account, dev365.

Poloniex witness proxie:
proxied to dev365.png

dev365 witness votes:

It's owned by Justin, so that is of no surprise.

Great news! Thanks for information

I never used Poloniex and never intend to.

I would be careful with poloniex. They were good when I had them but a lot of mistakes happened and now Justin s owns it and I don’t trust him. Just my opinion