Steem - Let's get STEEM listed on more Exchanges!

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We need to get STEEM listed on more exchanges

Looking at different coins, it quickly becomes apparent that steem is not listed on nearly enough exchanges.

Getting steem on more exchanges may have a direct impact on how valuable the coin is. IE, the more exchanges listing steem likely means the more valuable steem will be.


How do we make that happen?

I am thinking of starting a daily program where I send at least one email to a different exchange every single day asking them to list STEEM.

So far, the email I am thinking of sending looks something like this:

Hello (Exchange Name),

I would like to suggest that you add STEEM to your cryptocurrency exchange. It currently is one of the most active blockchains as evidenced by the 6th place ranking on


It also currently has 2 of the more popular apps in all of crypto, which is evidenced by having 2 of the top 3 ranked apps running on steem according to


Plus it sounds like the main developers have major upgrades coming in the the next couple months. Developments that likely make the coin even more popular.

Adding it to your exchange may prove lucrative judging by the number of users on the chain and its apps.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Will it help?

I have no idea how much of a difference this will make, but it likely won't hurt much either.

Let me know any suggestions you might have for the email as well as any thoughts of exchanges to specifically target.

My plan was just to go down the ranking list on coinmarketcap and send an email each day.

Some early research shows that many of these exchanges have listing fees... perhaps we could use the SPS to fund exchange listings?

That seems like a great use of SPS funds to me...

What do you think?

Stay informed my friends.



Good call.

I wonder if you could team up with @theycallmedan and @thecryptodrive for examples to come up with a plan to tackle the exchanges one by one in order of priority?

Good idea. Send this to them?

I will pass this on to them if that is okay with you?

Yep, perfect. Thank you!

You can contact me anytime

Lol I am right there with ya! I have been saying this for over 2 years..

It's gotten to the point here in the US where users basically only have 1 or 2 options.


i agree with you,i believe if steem is listed on more exchanges it will make it get more popularity which could increase to more demands...

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I keep spamming Kraken the last few months, which would directly be a STEEM/FIAT pair.

Dead end. Unless we pay for a listing...Worth trying never know

Does it say what a listing would cost?

No, they kindly refer me to Mr ... and then to the support team and next to mr...and so on...

Interestingly enough, on the new TAGZ exchange (which is one of the highest volume exchanges in the world currently) they say exactly what it costs to list on there...

I think this would be a nice proposal for SPS.

There's a yearly fee too...

For TAGZ yes, looking at the price for a listing there, it may not be worth it.

I’ve also tried pestering various exchanges! I don’t understand why steemit inc wouldn’t make this a priority surly not everyone there is a dev and they would like to see steem on more exchanges! I guess they so caught up with SMT they forget we actually have a working token

I have no idea why they haven't made this more of a priority, but this is something the community may be able to help with as well. Especially with the help of the SPS to pay for listings.

I do know some exchanges only want to talk to the CEO or main development team of the project though...

If the exchanges want to speak to the dev team I can broker a meeting with the Steemit team, I did so before with to organise crypto debit cards that directly accept Steem.

A lot of the applications on the websites ask you if you are a member of the development team or director of the project... making it seem like they prefer to speak with them.

The way I deal with those is I ask Justin from Steemit if I can put his email down as a point of contact.

Sounds really cool if you are able to add just 1 it will be worth the effort.
The SPS definetely can help!


More exchanges doesn't necessary means more volume. If Steem could manage to attract more users than the acceptance towards exchanges will be much more easier.
It would be a shame to get Steem on Coinbase just to find out later that nobody is trading it.

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Sure, but considering the main use case for crypto right now is still speculation, the more exchanges likely means more volume, more speculators, and higher prices.

sps is such a great idea, go for it, might get some serious support

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Yes, I am going to look into it.

Keep the Hype!!!!

Awesome and quick way to apply for the listing of Steem on exchanges. Thanks for this heads up.

Nice move there!

I think getting Steem on more exchanges will be easier if those handling Steemit Inc focus more in this direction.

Yep I agree. It doesn't look like they will be any time soon though so perhaps going this route is the next best thing.

I think so too

I like your proactive approach Doc, keep promoting steem - some of them are sure to see the value in steem and take it on board for the benefit of all involved.

on blockvity steem used to top that always what happens in the middle journey

Good post and interesting and with a lot of information that I didn't know. hopefully that idea comes true!! 71d4d9209b71dcf4f5f53053df047cc7.gif

I am an early joiner in steem chain so not a big authority to assess how to proceed. Just appreciate my contribution attempt ...
In my opinion the main interest could come from decentralized exchanges, where, with a reasonable liquidity pool, cash-in and -out could happen at a minimum bid ask spread. An idea could be working to a liquid anchor in the stellar dex involving also the stellar foundation and advertising it strongly. It has to be well thought as nobody wants to run an anchor at loss ... it is clear that a liquid anchor in stellar dex would make it very cheap to converto to xlm, btc and eth at least. As a second benefit there could be the cash out to fiat in many countries especially in SE Asia: I know that stellar is pushing very strong for it in connection to the remittances business.

STEEM would be awesome in KuCoin or on Binance!

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Thank you for the tip!

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