Steem - Justin Sun announces another acquisition, could it be Steem/Steemit?

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There is a ton of smoke right now surrounding some sort of Tron and Steem collaboration

Whether it's a partnership, acquisition, or something else I don't know, but there is something going on there...

A few weeks back the crypto webs were a flurry with a leaked news announcement stating that Justin Sun and Tron were acquiring

The first to leak the news was a $220 million Chinese media company called Mars Finance

The news article has since been taken down and neither Sun nor anyone from Steemit,Inc would either confirm or deny these rumors.

It still can be seen here though:

Regardless, there seems to be something going on between Steemit/Steem and Tron/Sun.

Where there's smoke there's fire?

Often times fake articles like the one above get drummed up to create interest, which could easily be what happened in this case.

However, there is some other smoke worth mentioning that may mean we need to think twice before outright dismissing these rumors...

This appeared at the beginning of this year:


Steemit was listed as a "partner" at the niTROn Summit 2019.

Not sure exactly what that means, but it was interesting to see Steemit included on that list along with some other official partners of Tron.

There's more...

This one we likely all remember very well...

A few months prior to that partnership listing, we had the CEO of Steemit (Ned Scott) exchange a few tweets with Mr. Sun about some sort of possible collaboration:


Again, nothing definitive there, but it adds to our collection of "smoke".

Tron announces yet another new acquisition...

Then, just yesterday Sun has taken to twitter to announce that he has made a new acquisition that won't be announced until early next year.

Again, I am not sure if this sounds like Steemit or not, it actually doesn't to me, but it's interesting all the smoke we have surrounding these two and as you know, where there is smoke there is usually fire.

Twitter seems to think there is a ton of smoke as well:


I also find it interesting that neither sides have publicly denied the Steemit/Tron acquisition rumors.

Neither side is obligated to do so of course, but it is rather interesting to me that both sides have remained silent...

Perhaps there is some sort of deal in the works that involves SMTs and cannot officially be announced until those are actually launched?!

Even if that is not the case, at the very least, there does seem to be some sort of collaboration between the two.

Stay informed my friends.

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The will acquire a decentralized platform? -_-

Yea I am thinking in that twitter poll they meant steemit as I am not sure how you acquire a blockchain... well I guess technically you could buy enough steem to control the top 20 witness spots and then in effect it would be yours.

Which would kill the entire point of the platform causing people to fork or go someplace else... Also TRX is fully capable of housing a steemlike Dapp anyway. WHY BOTHER?

extra confused.

if Tron / Justin Sun buys Steemit, Inc, then right there they already acquired enough Steem to control the top 20 (actually top 30 because of how witness voting works) witness slots. Steemit, Inc. doesn't currently use its massive ninja mined stake to vote for witnesses (unless you believe that Ned = Freedom/Pumpkin, which is certainly possible), but does anyone really think that Tron / Justin Sun wouldn't use the stake if they acquired Steemit, Inc.?

Yeah I was thinking the same yesterday when I posted this..

Last year, I saw a pic of Andrew Levine with Justin Sun among other pictures of the niTROn Summit. I was wondering what he was doing there. I just checked and it seems like he was a speaker at the event on behalf of Steemit Inc. and Steem Monsters.

Ah ok, so that could explain why they were listed as partners. Thanks.

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I'm very excited to see what comes of these discussions. Steem could definitely benefit from a more significant support network like TRON.

Ethereum is finally overcoming siloes and in-fighting - working toward a more collaborative ecosystem. I'm glad to see that Steem is looking to further external collaboration and partnerships - it's really a missed opportunity.

Yea, I mean it seems like there is something going on here. Perhaps not an outright acquisition, but something seems to be going on.

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Which brings up the question, what does a crypto acquisition look like in Steem's case? To what extent does @ned have ownership of the Steem IP? Is it just a sale of brand assets?

In most cases the articles have talked about which is owned by steemit,inc. So, perhaps that could be sold, though perhaps some for of integration is more likely. IE some other tokens being earn-able on steemit. Sort of like what SMTs will bring.

And if are true is a good or roung news for steemians ?

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Good post, raises good questions, even more free publicity and buzz about Steem. Justin Sun is good at keeping Tron in the limelight, it’s nice to share some of that limelight and bask in the light of day instead of the darkness of obscurity. Acquisition or not the news is good for us.

Congrats on the double digit engagement on this post.

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Yep, I completely agree.

I wondered the same thing when I saw his tweet! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Looks like they bought Dlive!

Dang... do you have a link?

It’s on Twitter if you go to Dlive or Bittorent’s page.

Thanks. Perhaps the plan is to migrate all the popular social apps he can over to bittorrent...

I don't have really an idea what that man wants. The only thing I know is all this is giving steem free advertising. I also believe there is something they are not telling us (steemit and Tron), there has been too much silence. Also we have already some Dapps that use Steem and Tron implementation, like Steemmonsters and APPICS.

It so obvious to any buisness minded person, that this will actually happen!

Thanks for the heads-up @jrcornell, Year 2020 has certainly started with a big bang and it's only New Decade Eve! Yep, time to tighten your saddle straps, and staple your stetsons, this'll be fun!

I'm ready to be a bull rider. lol.

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Interesting for sure... I hope there’s some fire as we need to light steem’s price up a bit!

I guess we'll just wait and see but if I had to guess, I would say they are just rumors.

Well Tron foundation hasn’t done much but Aquisition don’t see them releasing much tech! I don’t also see how this centralizing of services helps but if it’s going to bring funds here to get this place going I’m all too keen

Looks like they bought DLive.
Pretty hilarious rumor considering our sorted history.

Yes, I saw that, though there still seems to be a connection with steem and or steemit as well.

STEEM is a beautiful blockchain, and it is easy.

If this goes through, it could mark the beginning of an interesting path forward for Steem, especially surrounding the attention that Steem's been getting recently. All in all, these are intriguing times for Steemians...

Tron acquiring “Steem” is only slightly less absurd than Tron acquiring Netflix.

Is is April Fools Day yet?

I guess its time we buy more Spinvest tokens and keep earning our 20% huh?

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Seriously. I would bet Sun put together that list... lol

doubt it STEEM i think dlive maybe or LBRY

It looks like it was most like Dlive, though there is still the possibility of some sort of collaboration between the two.