Steem - Help get STEEM listed on a new Exchange!

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Now is your opportunity to help STEEM get listed on a new exchange!

If you haven't seen by now, Binance.US is asking what coin its users would like to see listed next.

Here's where you come in...

All you have to do is respond to this tweet and tell em you wanna see STEEM listed next!

That's it!

Steem is already listed on Binance, getting it listed on Binance.US just makes sense.

What's more... you can get paid to help STEEM!

There is already a big push being done for this to happen and if you share your part in requesting STEEM, you can even get some upvotes!

Check it out:

All you gotta do is share proof that you voted in the comments section of the above post by @theycallmedan and you will get some upvotes!

With our community, these are exactly the kinds of things STEEM should win!

Hopefully with enough STEEM requests we can make this a reality.

Stay informed my friends.




That, and done! This is a time for us to pull together as a family, and to help promote Steem onto the mainstream exchanges. Thanks for sharing this info, mate :-)

Thank you for doing that, make sure you share it on @theycallmedan post to get an upvote!

Thanks, mate. I believe I had already shared this with @theycallmedan. Though unfortunately I came a bit too late to participate in his Twitter poll. Nevertheless, I hope to give Steem some well-deserved recognition :-)

Not much engagement for this important topic for Steem but I voted on Twitter this morning.

Seems like it is mostly bots around here these days, not much reading of posts.

this is the only chance we have to make it happen :)