Steem ended the year as the 7th highest rated Blockchain according to China

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The price may be in the gutter, but that hasn't stopped the Steem blockchain from rating well

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) published its year end blockchain rankings last month and steem scored a Top 10 rating.

It rated as the 7th best blockchain to be precise.

Overall, China rated 35 different blockchain projects in total.

The full list can be seen below:


Steem rated within the Top 10 for all of 2019

This year end report would be the 15th time the CCID put out a blockchain rankings list since they began in early 2018.

At one point in 2018, steem was listed as the 2nd best blockchain project:

Though since that time, steem has mostly been hanging around the 10th spot during previous releases over the past year.

EOS and Ether have mostly enjoyed the top couple of spots since the list was created as there is definite weighting towards platform tokens/projects.

The Weiss Crypto ratings show more of the same for Steem...

Steem was listed as the 16th highest rated project overall according to Weiss.

Not as good as the CCID rating, but keep in mind that EOS was rated as the 20th highest rated project overall according to Weiss:

This may be the first time I have ever seen steem rate higher than EOS on any kind of ranking list! :)

Either way, having steem rate as the 7th best blockchain project in the world (or the 16th best) yet be listed as the 80th most valuable project seems to be a bit off.

Steem continues to lack application

According to these rankings, steem is still searching for its killer application.

Much of crypto is still searching for its killer app, but steem seems to be doing worse than most in this regard (at least according to the rankings)

In fact, steem has the lowest score of any of the 35 projects rated on that first list, even lower than the previously tied-with monero.

That is a bit ironic in that steem was supposed to be revolutionary in that it powered one of the most widely used apps in all of crypto with That was supposed to be the gateway for the masses to get into crypto.

However, it hasn't really panned out.

Overall, these rankings pretty much tell us what we already know...

After close to 4 years of existing in the wild, steem is still a good blockchain, a great blockchain in fact, but it is still searching for a real use case.

Perhaps SMTs, Communities, or Splinterlands can help change that as we move forward.

Stay informed my friends.


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The great thing about the blockchain behind SteemIt unlike many others is that it's technology actually serves a useful purpose this exact moment. And so yes, this kind of result doesn't surprise me, thanks for sharing.

Yes, but the rankings seem to be saying it doesn't serve much of a purpose currently... sort of the opposite of what you would intuitively think.

Weiss downgraded EOS because it doesnt like how centralized it is.

Posted via Steemleo

I think it's the first time I have ever seen steem ranked ahead of eos on just about anything, I'll take it either way!

Lucky #7 🤘😝

Currently 77th on Coinmarketcap...

That HAS to be a sign!

I just hope it doesn't become 777...

It would be interesting to see how it ranks the basic tech category as that's the most heavily weighted and it's interesting to see that Tron is so hi.

Wonder what basic tech makes Tron and others rank higher.

Yea, in terms of basic tech, steem comes in at number 3.

this information has a positive impact for me. the more optimistic steem will go up again.

Yes, that would be nice for sure.

Not sure what Lisk is doing up there.

Yes, LISK and NULS seem to be a bit out of their element up there.


Hi @jrcornel, do you have an EOS account? I’d like to start to use that blockchain also next month

I do not.

Thanks for reply