Steem climbs the ranks in latest CCID Ratings coming in at #6

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Steem continues to rate well in the latest CCID rankings

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has published its latest blockchain rankings and steem is moving up the ranks.

In the previous release, steem was rated as the 9th best blockchain project.

In the latest release, steem has climbed up into the 6th spot:


This is the highest ranking for steem in some time

This was the 14th report put out by the CCID, which started in early 2018.

At one point early on, steem was listed as the 2nd best blockchain project, but has mostly been hanging around the 10th spot during previous releases over the past year.

EOS and Ether have mostly enjoyed the top couple of spots since the list was created as there seems to be weighting towards platform tokens/projects.

Interestingly enough, bitshares continues to rate higher than steem, even with the recent move up.

Either way, having steem rate as the 6th best blockchain project yet be listed as the 82nd most valuable projects seems to be a bit out of an incongruence.

Steem's biggest weakness according to the CCID?

Steem scores terribly in the applicability category.

In fact, steem has the lowest score of any of the 35 projects rated, only tied with the 25th ranked monero.

That is a bit ironic in that steem was supposed to be revolutionary in that it powered one of the most widely used apps in crypto in, at least it was one of the most widely used apps. I haven't checked the numbers lately but ever since the recent HF and threespeak springing up, has been hemorrhaging users.

Overall, what does this rating tell us?

After 3+ years of existing in the wild, steem is still a good blockchain, a great blockchain in fact, but it is still searching for a real use case.

At least according to China. :)

Stay informed my friends.



EOS top1 while same backend as STEEM (graphene)

Yes, and bitshares is number 5. They do love them some graphene!

Good stats. I hope steem will be able to recover higher

Yep, that sure would be nice!

I remember STEEM was top of the rank when the ranking came out the first time.

Was it that high? I remember seeing it ranked number 2...

That is pretty funny that Steem ranks badly for application.
They don't know the power of decentralized custom JSON.
I guess we have to show real results rather than speculation.

They probably just look at the dwindling alexa ranks or some other website/traffic metrics and think that application is going to go away, so it needs a new one. Powering SMTs should give it a pretty good application!

Yeah there are a lot of false metrics out there.

The funny thing about SMTs is that they don't really do anything. You can still give Steem fundamental value with custom JSON alone. The problem is that fundamental gains made in this way are difficult to monetize and capture value from. Enter SMTs, problem solved.

I still think gaming is where we should be looking, but SMT also solves that. It is a lot easier to get a game to integrate their own SMT than sell them on using steem itself.

Yes, SMT also opens up the gateway to advanced smart-contracts, which is obviously not a trivial gain.

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Works for me. Steem has been stuck in the 78-85th spot on Coinmaketcap for almost a year at this point.

I remember when STEEM was #3!!!

Gross... that is just depressing.

Holly shit...LTC at 3.8$

XRP less than a cent...

Dammit...look at us now...

BTC at $500...

Wow! A picture is worth one thousand words. If we tracked any of those coins we would be over ten dollars! Simply amazing. It raises many questions.

This whole thing where people don't understand the use case of Steem is beyond my own comprehension. The mind boggles at their confusion. It's the most straightforward, and most used use-case of any crypto out there. Every crypto can be used as a means of payment and a store of value, making them redundant versions of Bitcoin, but Steem is the only one that I can find a personal use for beyond those average crypto qualities. Others do some neat stuff, but I have no use for that stuff personally, and neither do most people. This is the only one that a relative technical illiterate like myself will use. That's pretty significant since most of the world population fits into that category. If you want it to scale, you need to invite those people in somehow. This is the only game in town IMO.

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Agreed. Steem can do it basically right now. Apparently they like the hypothetical potential of some of the others that aren't actually doing it right now.

@jrcornel Not sure but I think you are from SA. Not sure you saw this new initiative check it out @steemsouthafrica #steemsa

I'll take a look.

What do you perceive to be threespeak's effects on user retention and engagement levels?

I see many users leaving the front end and using the threespeak front end. While that doesn't have any affect on votes/posts on steem, it impacts the traffic/website numbers of people visiting

Regarding retention and engagement levels... I see that they use a main account to upvote a lot of their users which will surely help with retention. In fact, I was pushing for the main steemit,inc account to be used like that long ago in order to help bring content creators over. I would probably still be open to that if it was used solely on high profile influencers. Overall, I think threespeak is overwhelmingly positive for steem but perhaps not so positive for as they lose ad revenue as more and more people switch over.

I see, ok - I asked because I use 3speak but I wasn't aware the userbase there was particularly high.
If you compare the traffic for steempeak, 3speak and steemit you'll see that it's really steempeak that is going up, while steemit goes down - which was easy to predict since the beginning of steempeak since they are actually adding new features regularly and steemit almost never have done.

Interesting. Thanks for the info!

This is encouraging to see Steem number eight on one measure, but it would be really valuable to learn their algorithm. I think a unrelated neutral party can provide a very valuable point of view, which if we use it, we can become a better platform. Thank you for the information.

They have the three different categories that they use to rate projects and I think if you go to their page they go into a bit more details on the criteria they use.

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Cool, thanks!

Thanks for detailed post. Hope Steem continues to break new ground going forward :) @jrcornel

@jrcornel, It's a boost for sure. And yes, need of Real Use Case, that's for sure. But in my opinion as a Young Technology it's done great work and it empowered many people more than any centralised social networking platform ever done. Stay blessed brother.

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Cool, thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up.

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