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Another exchange announces they are adding STEEM

If nothing else, all the latest drama has gotten steem a ton of press coverage.

Press coverage that has gotten it a few more exchange listings, which is something steem has desperately needed...

The most recent announcement from an exchange can be seen below:


I don't know much about this exchange...

Personally, I've never heard of Biteeu, but they are based in Europe and Australia according to their Twitter.

My guess is that they are rather small.

However, reading a bit on their twitter, it also sounds like they have some sort of partnership with Bittrex and the Dow Jones.

Either way, steemians appear to already be using it:


Their website can be seen here:

Several exchanges have listed steem recently...

This announcement comes on the heels of KuCoin and Poloniex also announcing they would be listing steem as well:

Now, hopefully we don't lose a couple exchanges when all the dust settles involving the witness voting!

Stay informed my friends.


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Good news! Thanks!

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Good news... thanks for sharing.

Great news! Happy trading folks!!
Not you @ned!!

Sincerely the community is the engine behind this announcement.
Good job #steemians.

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Good news. Retweeted.

Now we only need to get on 100 more exchanges to match the likes of EOS lol

lol but unfortunately LOL has nothing to do with lol... they have !giphy money to invest...

Posted via Steemleo

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

I suppose all this drama is at least catching on attention. It's great to see more exchanges supporting Steem :-)

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