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Steemit,Inc says they will continue to put out PRs, and that is great news

In a recent interview with a couple of the Steemit,Inc employees it was revealed that they plan on continuing to put out press releases via PR Newsire.

And that is great news.

According to the interview, the potential reach anytime Inc puts out a press release via PR Newswire is roughly 6.2 million users.

Considering that steem/it only has about 10k active users or so, those are pretty big numbers!

More from the interview can be heard here:

Why does this matter?

On first glance this little thing might not seem that like that big of a deal, but it really is.

It's a very big deal because of things like what happened with steem and steemit yesterday...

Yesterday, a little crypto news site called put out a hatchet piece about how the CEO of steemit is dumping 50% of his long term holdings because he has lost faith in the platform.

Complete garbage btw...

More about it can be seen here:

But it goes to show why having a voice in the public is needed.

When things are quiet, stories like this one run and end being what potential users and investors remember.

If something like this was said about Vitalik Buterin or someone at any of the other top 10-20 projects there would likely be some push-back from the company, or individual, or project about what the news story got wrong...

There needs to be.

In a space where things are driven primarily by speculation, sentiment and perception are king

If negative false information is allowed to dictate that sentiment than the project will likely be valued artificially low.

Which is something that impacts just about every part of a business like Steemit, which depends on users and ad revenue as well as market sales of its currency for survival.

So, overall, I was very glad to hear that the press releases won't be stopping any time soon for steemit and steem going forward.

Stay informed my friends.


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It doesn't seem a big deal because it's the thing expected from steemit. The surprise it's not putting out PRs from my opinion.

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They didn't for years...

STEEM needs a lot of Positive Publicity @jrcornel because it is lacking of it for a long long time now.

hi @jrcornel ... glad to know you picked up some interesting information from the monthly Witness Chat chat I host in The Ramble discord .. in case you missed it..

I posted my recording with the link you used above here:

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Mass adoption is the vital force for any project to succeed and steemit is on the right path although the process seems a little bit slow but we all are optimistic about it. Now people are realizing the power of steem.

I think we have in our Community great online marketer,

Steemit inc should benefit the most, so why they don´t pay a bounty to the marketer with goals like " Good PR", "Onboard Users" , "onboard Devs" ....

And i think its 100 Times cheaper as a bad reputation in puplic.

A press release is nothing special, i think from guest posts to Video marketing to onboard programms should bring the most value.