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RE: The Steem and Sun Debacle

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Great post.

I've echoed this elsewhere, but I think the trustless solution would be for Justin to find a legal custodian for the steem, where the custodial agreement has specific parameters enforced regarding what he can do with the STEEM.


Thanks! I disagree that we can dictate to Justin what he can do with his legally purchased property. I think Justin is right in this case and we're screwing up the chain by essentially throwing out his right to use his stake as he sees fit on a network with hard coded, pre-existing rules that we all voluntarily agreed to participate in, that say he can do what he wants with it. The witnesses always knew this was a possibility and did nothing - or couldn't do anything - and now they are panicked. I understand that, but if we were to reverse the scenario and apply it to anything in our lives, we'd be pretty apoplectic if we bought something and then a bunch of strangers locked it away from us.

Yeah I agree. I feel mostly people wanted to feel some way from their stake be it make money, feel powerful, have an investment, make the platform better etc etc Who are people to judge just because someone came along with more money than them to set the rules. I guess the previous big investors are now in the shoes of small fish like me who always felt dictated to anyways on the platform. It’s always been ruled by those with the biggest investment, it’s just how the platform is.

I'm not advocating dictating anything. I'm just describing the sort of action necessary to build trust on his end. If his intention is merely to hold and sell, there are legal vehicles to enforce that and signal to the community he will keep to his word.

I got all my posts and comments flagged recently because I got accused of plagerising my own artwork. I wasn’t asked if it was mine I was simply accused then all my posts and comments flagged. I couldn’t even respond to the comments as they all got immediately downvoted. It took a lot of time and effort to get it removed. I have never felt I have any real power over the network whatsoever and have always felt completely dominated by those with a higher investment. I have accepted this about steemit and it’s just the way it is. But I think the people who used to maybe have these roles of control don’t like feeling the same ways the smaller fish have always felt.