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RE: Decentralized Standards Of Behavior | Ranty STEEM Freewrite

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In the Food Fight Friday group we have see a significant increase in honest rewards since hf-21-22. Where as before a few would see anything over $2 the rest pennies.

Abuse is Abuse, no matter is you are an X Y or Z. Nobody should get a special pass and allowed to abuse at their will. Upvotes and downvotes are what equalize the whole system.

Like you said, the ones crying the most are the ones that got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.


I'm not a fan of downvotes. Hence I leave the cookie jar alone

The cookie jar is the reward pool in this case... downvotes keep people from Stealing from it. Aka raping it so you don’t get any tasty cookies

Same. It just causes flagging wars and enemies. If people don’t like either me or my content, I would prefer they unfollow me rather than cause drama. I am here to make connections with people not enemies.

You can make connections with people without rewards. If you decline rewards or set beneficiary to null or steem.dao, you are far less likely to be downvoted (other than for obvious 'abuse' reasons such as harassment, untagged nsfw, etc.)

If you are complaining about your rewards being downvoted, then please spare us the nonsense about connections.

I never mentioned rewards; I mentioned flagging wars and drama. Down votes, in both blog posts and comments, also lower the reputation score. I've been there and done that, and I am no longer interested in stirring up that hornets nest again.

So you don't care for the Triviality of Monetary rewards when you're talking about making connections, you care about the Meaningless Trivial Number, because connections with people not with ememememenies and Reputation Scores..

If people don’t like either me or my content, I would prefer they unfollow me rather than cause drama.

Who is proposing downvotes for either of those reasons? Neither are valid as far as I'm concerned. Not many actually downvote those they follow.

It's not about the proposal, but that was how was used against me in the past.
There are all sorts of bad actors on this platform and they really don't like being called out for it.