Update on the unofficial DSound client app for Android and a sad note on it

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I published two posts about what is going to be a new app for the Steem ecosystem but centered on DSoud content. In last one I said that "in three days" I was to publish a new post about it. This is not that article. But let me first tell you more on the app.


Currently the app offers the minimal interactivity expected. Users are able to upvote and cancel upvotes. Of course they can also listen to the content. The app works quite fast. Thanks to some Android features, it is showing the content almost instantly when opening it. I am happy with the performance until now.

What is left now is the feed feature. Currently it is showing the Trending posts. But the Minimal Viable Product -MVP- application which I am going to release will also show users posts created on DSound, also known as "Feed". It will be reusing the same code, so now I only have to create a way to switch between Trending posts into Feed posts. (Of course, the obvious way would be the bottom (?) navigation bar or some tabs).

That was about the current state of the app development. Now about the sad news.

I didn't publish the third post as I said. I expected more interest from the community, but those two posts didn't get more upvotes than what I normally get. That made me feel sadder. So I didn't write the third post and I stopped developing the app.

But, as I said, I like how the app performs and I am still aiming into releasing it, but I have decided to delay it a few more months. You could say that the delay is more caused by the status of the development. And you will be partially right. But I could have still managed to release it in August, just a month later. The lack of interest made me almost loose the interest on my own app, if it wasn't for the great performance and another exciting feature not available in DSound which will be added into my app next year.

So, dear readers, think whatever you want. The app release is delayed until October or November of this 2019.

(I sound quite different when writing in English, isn't it? I am not the kind of person which uses those "dear readers" words in my posts when writing in Spanish or Catalan).

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