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RE: Steem is in trouble. Here's how to help.

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Your stake in Steem on centralized exchanges was just used to take over the Steem Blockchain

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You realize you copy/paste that comment on a post that's exactly about that right? Not useful.

Yes but it also adds to it. Sorry, I am simply trying to make sure people see that a lot of folks are saying it.

I see, was confused as to what the goal was as it wasn't really a personalized comment :-) But yes, there's a lot of reporting, and the hashtag #steem will take anyone reading this to even more relevant tweets and discussions. I think responding on some of them can be useful, especially pushing the exchanges on why they did what they did.

Thanks for understanding and my further apologies about not being personal. I generally am actually. I have been pushing on the exchanges along with everyone else for the majority of the day. :) Doing everything I can... like most of us are.

Currently a Hard Fork is being developed so hopefully they can roll it out soon.

Thanks for doing some pushing - I need to sleep (2:05 AM) so I hope you can keep guard and I can take over tomorrow :D

Doing my best! I will continue until I need to sleep also! Rest well!