Onboarding the Masses: Creating New Steem Accounts FOR FREE!

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Did you know that you can create new Steem accounts not only for free but instantly? No longer do people have to wait a week or more for verification from Steemit.


There are several ways to create new accounts on the blockchain but I'm going to cover one of the quick and easy ones that is provided by SteemWorld. In order to use this feature your account will need roughly 5,000 STEEM Power, or you can just pay the 3 STEEM fee if you don't have that much SP.

At the bottom of the site under the "Tools" section there is a function called "Account Creator" which allows users to leverage their Resource Credits to generate account tickets, which can then be used for account creation as needed at a later date:


  • Under "Claim Account Ticket" select your payment method, either Resource Credits (RC) or 3 STEEM, this will create a new account ticket. Users are free to claim as many new tickets as they have RC's to do so, however your RC will only regenerate about 20% per day just like your Voting Power.
  • Under "Create New Account" you can claim a new account with one of these tickets. Simply enter an available account name and then under the Key Generation select "Use Master Key" and click the Generate button. Be sure to back-up all of your private keys in a safe and secure location for future reference!

Congratulations! In just a few quick steps you have made a new account. If you aren't ready to pick a username just yet that is fine, you can accumulate the account tickets or future use.

By saving up these account tickets the whales and dolphin on Steem can help to increase network adoption. They can start making accounts for friends and family members to give away in order to save time on the registration process. I am able to create about two new account tickets per week so I will be saving these up and using them to bring new content creators to the blockchain.

New account creation has always been one of the major hurdles on our platform and we can all do our part to make this step as easy as possible :) If we could each just bring even one other person to the community then we could revitalize Steem.


#Onboarding #Steem

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Great job spreading the word! Hopefully users who are eligible will continually use their account claims to onboard friends and family members. Some have said that we’ll soon be able to tokenize account claims and trade/sell them to Steemians for a low cost onboarding solution (should be pennies per claim if everyone on Steem is trading them).

I look forward to both that and the wallet addresses coming in HF22 (whenever that happens)

There are lots of exciting things coming down the pipeline for Steem we just have to be more patient. What we really need is for people to keep spreading the word and keep asking friends to sign up. I have a buddy from work that finally agreed to sign up after a year of me telling him about the site. He is a teacher and wants to start writing so this would be the perfect outlet for him.

(This is @hotsauceislethal here on other account BTW)

certainly would help, sometimes the little things matter

Good post

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Now go out and tell some people about Steemit!

So it's meant for giving away then right? You can't keep the account and have a second one for yourself?

You can do anything you'd like with the account. Keep it for yourself sure!

Fantastic news!! Thanks for posting👍

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Tell your friends and family :)

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hi @hotsauceislethal

didn't hear from you in a long while. Hope you're still okey there and just taking a break from Steemit?


This is one of the many ways to create an axxount; however I'm yet to find an instant account creating service that also provides the account with some SP (even if for a temporary time period). Do you know any?

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