Free Money For New or Existing Coinbase Users! (I've Earned $50 In Total!)

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This is probably the easiest, or at least one of the easiest ways to get your hands on some free cryptocurrencies. I have earned a total of $50 so far, and it seems likely that I'll get more chances further on to earn some more as well. This is for existing and new users.

What I've got so far:

  • $10 XLM.
  • $10 EOS.
  • $20 DAI.
  • $10 BAT.


The basic (beginner) lessons are extremely easy. Just watch ~2 minute long videos and answer a question per video. I recently did one advanced lesson and earned an extra $14 worth of DAI.




Don't Miss Out On Free Crypto!

Note: You can invite up to 4 users for both XLM and EOS and earn up to $80 on top of the money you get for doing the lessons.

You might have to sign up to a waiting list. I could do lessons for both XLM and EOS immediately but I had to wait for about 12 hours before I could do the basic lesson for DAI. The advanced lesson for DAI was available approximately 7 days after I did the basic lesson.

You can easily transfer your crypto to an exchange like Bittrex for instance. (Buy STEEM/Cashout etc.)

If you need any help, feel free to DM me on Discord, (EviLDoLLTV#9035)


Awesome - great signposting. I hope people take you up on the advice.

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Yeah. I mean, even if people don't use my ref-link, people should definitely take the time to do these basic lessons as it's guaranteed crypto, it takes about 2 minutes and it's extremely easy. Can't see why anyone would walk away from free crypto. :D