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RE: How to change your Steem Recovery Account with SteemWorld or SteemPeak

in #steemlast year (edited)

Now, one can also do it directly via @steempeak. It's one of their newly introduced features.


Not working for me @steempeak


 last year (edited)

Are you sure you're using your private OWNER key ? Seems like the wrong key type

@ausbitbank yes using private owner key @steempeak , returns that message.

Also at it forces me to use steemconnect for entering the OWNER key for security reasons, but then it fails to create the transaction.

I'm pretty paranoid at this point, could it be that the TRON witnesses are denying this type of transaction?

Same experience here, but got "38" instead of "149".
I tried it with two different accounts.

In the meanwhile it worked here, too!

I can not reproduce this. For me everything works well

 last year 

Thanks for the heads up, I added steempeak to the post too :)

You're most welcome.

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