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RE: The Steem and Sun Debacle

in #steemlast year

I like what you have writen above. I've been searching for answers here and there inside this community and I'm glad that I found few more bloggers that have a positive mind like you.

I'm not sure what is going on around this platform. I can't understand things about code or fork. It's too complicated for my mind.

I just want to enjoy my time here and of course if there is a chance to earn some cash I would really love that.

The thing that made me come into steemit is because of the chance to get some money from writing.

The one thing that made me stay is the communities, everyone, each of us human excluding the bot in this platform. The price of steem is going down but the share of thoughts that everyone put in here is priceless.

Well, that my share of thoughts. Happy day.


Thanks! Yeah, Steem is a great platform despite its drawbacks. I love earning directly from my writing with no middle man! It's a great feeling. Keep on Steeming on and enjoy the network. There are a lot of great and creative people here who really care about the ecosystem.

I agree with you. I too love earning from my writing even if it is only a little. It still make me happy. I will stsy on this platforms and keep steeming as long as it is here. It is better because of the self earning opportunity it gave to us.