Are you downvoting your friends?

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The status-quo is something that has always troubled me.

On one side we have this #newsteem that I refused to believe on, until I saw some results and finally put my vote of confidence on it. A NewSteem that I want to protect and that I'm starting to cherish.

On the other side, there are these friends, (and I mean friends for real that I've made thanks to this Blockchain) who I know personally because I've met them and have spent quality time with at some point in the past two years. Some of these friends are doing things that I consider not nice anymore. Like slacking single photo posts (thanks to that app that is definitively pure OldSteem) and reaping rewards from the autovotes they have gained thanks to the respect they earned from countless great posts in the past.

Nowadays they seem to have lost faith on creating great content, but they don't seem to have lost the faith on making easy money on a daily basis here on Steem.

Of course, I know what you will say:

"just downvote them"


"if they get pissed over a downvote, they were not real friends".

Well maybe that's the answer?.

What I know is that I can't be arsed to reach them on Discord and tell them to up their game... because I have better things to do than giving lessons to anyone in my life. (Maybe that's why I don't have kids?).

But, I'm curious, how are you handling such situations yourself?.

Are friends first? or is the Steem Blockchain first?


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lol if i personally knew people here it would be sooo much easier to down vote them.

My friends would expect nothing less for their piss poor performance! hahaha

hahaha I should grab my balls and downvote them all fuckers

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@greeencross I like what micheal said. I would rather have friends that are honest with me then friends that support my lazy behavior.

exactly @whatsup, like I said as well

if they get pissed over a downvote, they were not real friends

I suppose real friends push you up. And this is what I intended with this post before I go on a downvote rampage haha

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~Smartsteem Curation Team

Haha. Just flag away. Who needs friends anyways. Haha

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Yeah well I don't want to make the same mistakes I did on another social networks where I became infamous for keeping it too real hahah

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Good friends are friends that don’t let you do the wrong thing.

Now I’m also a bit confused myself with that app. What is great content? Can’t a single photo, if it’s a really great photo be great content? Can’t a 15s great video be great content? That’s how Instagram got popular and there are really good content there with very little text. Should that app do like Muse maybe and post new content as a comment of a main post? Or maybe with custom_json?