Should I stay or should I go?

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I'm sure it's a familiar feeling to a lot of you during these troubling times to not really know whether or not you should stay or go with the latest news in regards to TRON and Sun-of-a-bitch.

Did he know what he was buying? Was he fooled? Is he screwing us all? Will he make us all his bitch? Will he force us to undergo a fork and end up with a token that could be near worthless for years to come? Should we power down? Should we power up?

Part of me wants to try to get as much money together as possible to power up what I can so my vote for witnesses actually means something.

But I can't just throw away the money I have here. So the other part of me is still winning.

But yet another part of me wants to start trying to take the effort to post daily here again. Perhaps short stories. I rather like short stories, and they tended to make more than many of my other posts. Despite the effort I put into cooking posts, few seemed to really care that much. Especially not our wealthy overlords in this great plutocracy.

Posting here is only throwing away time. Gathering money together when I have enough trouble doing that as it is, is another matter.

At least it would be throwing away time in some of the worst case scenarios with Sun-of-a-bitch.

There was a time when I would consider Steem to be worth quite a bit. It caused me to make some poor trading decisions, hanging on as Steem continued to drop, because I thought it was just unbelievable to it would lose so much value.

Then it became apparent that our great Steem locomotive was being driven by a monkey.

And now that monkey has sold our precious locomotive to a coke head that can't deal with us saying no to him.

(Note: This is a reference to two Grateful Dead songs, and not meant to be taken literally. Monkeys are much cuter than Ned.)

Believe it or not, I actually wonder if this might be the greatest thing possible for Steem. We have for far too long relied on Steemit, partially due to their asinine behavior that's discouraged community development. I've long spoken about this. Last I checked, to do development on Steem you basically just have to sit down with the code and a gallon of coffee and find your own way. I don't believe there's even a public bug list or todo list. On any other project a new developer could look at what's planned to do and possibly try to do it themselves, and then push the changes. Here, you're completely on your own.

I'm not sure if you know this, but reading through someone else's spaghetti code without any sort of guide is a fucking nightmare.

I've often wondered if Steemit didn't actually have any developers that ever worked in open source before...or if perhaps they were actively discouraged from helping community efforts.

Because of that, when Sun bought Steemit, at first, I was a bit hopeful. I'm sure you're quite aware that all hope was quickly dashed as his plans were made quite unapparent.

That's part of the problem here. Sun seems erratic and seems to have no clue what he got himself into. Not that Steem is necessarily trusting. I think perhaps that paranoia that we have may have saved us...or could be the cause of all of our problems.

Did Sun actually hack the exchanges through some script he gave them, using some kind of social engineering.

I'm tempted to ask if the exchanges are really that incompetent...but I know humans in general in companies really are. For the most part, security is a myth and a show. Just a brick wall painted on a curtain.

So there's a very real possibility we got bought by a megalomaniac that's willing to hack the exchanges to ensure whatever his vision is.

And maybe now he's actually trying to sell the Steemit ninja stake.

So maybe we'll suddenly have another glorious leader.

All these unknowns make the future here so uncertain.

So I don't know if I should try to obtain more Steem, or try to cash out what I can.

I know I like the idea of trying to write more fiction on here. Hopefully some that some people will like. Hopefully people that will actually upvote.

So leave some encouragement below and hopefully I'll be able to push myself to spend some time writing some things on here again.


I think I may try to buy some Steem lower, but be careful and power down what I can for now. Maybe not what's best for the community, but I can't really afford to throw a few hundred dollars away.


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