While I support SBI, I still heavily promote, and rely on organic votes.

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Yep, @mmmmkkkk311 is really having at it, with a vengeance. "Destroying" this post.



Almost half of all the votes combined? I would agree if I was @haejin and I would have hundreds (or even tens) of euros worth of votes on that post.

But alas, I am not @haejin, or @berniesanders, and I don't get rewarded unfairly for my posts, even if I sometimes get voted proportionally more by the SBI than I get from my organic voters. SBI doesn't vote at the same rate indefinitely, as there is a limit to how big votes you can get during one week. So I might get a 30 cent upvote every now and then if I'm not very actively posting, but then if I get active the rate will get lower each time.


The truth of the matter is that even if I do get some small upvotes from the SBI, I still have to rely on organic voters instead, if I wanted to get actual real rewards from my posts.

I am a huge proponent of organic voting, but sometimes you still prefer a safety net, or an encouragement factor. I used to be making 0 cents on most of my posts. This is definitely an improvement. And I do dare to ask, why @mmmmkkkk311 wants to disagree.

(I bet he would like that any post that isn't a Pulitzer prize winner shouldn't get anything.)

In a developed country like mine, 15 cents doesn't really amount to much but an encouragement, but if I were in a poor 3rd world country, that might just enable me to live for another day. If that were taken away, I'd probably be crying murder.

Now think about it, while you downvote away all of my potential 50 cents of rewards. Doesn't it make you feel good about yourself? You, @mmmmkkkk311 are a real Hero.

I however am not intimidated by your revenge campaign, and am not going to stop sponsoring people on Steem. No no, I am going to continue with a passion. I have now sent SBI sponsorships to some 30 commenters in my posts. I have also delegated 1000 SP more to the cause via @ambyr00.

I hope you like swans. They are cute.

Now that you have regarded mainly those who support people through SBI sponsorships (instead of "the innocent victims" of said sponsorships), I will do the following: As long as I get insightful comments on my posts, I will try my best rewarding them, by sponsoring them through the SBI. It may cost me some money, but I am prepared to do this as long as your vendetta goes on.

I am not going to let the blockchain to fall over and diminish into another shitcoin because a bad actor like you, who wants to impose his own rules on the community. I fought others before you, and I will now take you on. Your challenge @mmmmkkkk311, has been accepted.

Here are those people who I recently sponsored:

@pardeepkumar @theguruasia @fraenk @omsoc @emdivs @kaminchan @lanzjoseg @markkujantunen @celestal @eveuncovered @tarazkp @oldguyphotos @cryptoandcoffee @pearlumie @rehan12 @xawi @apsu @insaneworks @jokinmenipieleen @thenordicway @borran @thenordicway @katharsisdrill @felixgarciap @davidke20 @magnata @kaerpediem @varunpinto @dswigle @njord @blazing @turpsy @daabi2006 @ddrfr33k @tristancarax @wongbraling @fleur @glastar @elizabethbit @practicaleric @jonnyla08 @ninahaskin @jorgebgt @teenagecrypto @daabi2006 @cwow @improv @stever82 @evernoticethat @r2cornell @funnel @flaxz @emergehealthier @justlee87 @j85063

And @mmmmkkkk311... But I hear that he's been blacklisted and can't get any SBI upvotes. Anyhow, those have fortunately been burned for the benefit of others.

At this note I will leave this post.

See you!

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I see SBI as an incentive to post, but most people won't make much from it. They need to actually engage with people and earn votes. This guy is fighting a losing battle. Those who but huge votes from the 'bots' are more of an issue. At least SBI does blacklist those who just exploit it.

Hi @gamer00

In a developed country like mine, 15 cents doesn't really amount to much but an encouragement, but if I were in a poor 3rd world country, that might just enable me to live for another day. If that were taken away, I'd probably be crying murder

In Venezuela, every penny we receive is very helpful, my friends have also included SBI, I particularly support giving prizes by transferring to SBI.

I think it's unfair when that account votes negatively to creators who do a good job. But that account you mention has several created and were the same day of creation, you can not find out the creator but is someone in very bad faith.

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You are right. This person is a bad actor. To manually downvote content is one thing, but to use bots to auto downvote anyone who wants to create a community and help people generate STEEM is a whole other affair completely.

It’s not beneficial to Steem in the long term. I do wish some of the Orcas and Whales would see this and retaliate against this bad actor.

Post content regardless. Reward who you want to reward. These people are hellbent on destroying Steem.

I actually checked your previous post that was being downvoted.

I wouldn't have done that bad, but personally, that post wouldn't even pass my probation scan for my #teammalaysia newbies.

(I would have sternly corrected them in DM for that sort of post)

Haha. I understand.

But you must also take into account that you can't expect every post to be professional quality or even close to professional. That just isn't possible. Not in a social network comprised of all kinds of people from all walks of life.

The post was made in just about under a minute, with underpar equipment (my lousy telephone) so it can't be other than social interaction. But condemning social interaction such harshly in a social network will inevitably ruin the social aspect of the social network. Will the network be able to be called a "social network" if you make people shun social interaction?

Maybe I am missing something. My point is, if the post is not receiving much anyway, where's the point in downvoting it in the first place? And like I said in my post critical of what @mmmmkkkk311 is doing, I would fully understand his downvote if I were making unjust amounts with such post, like when a certain whale did self-upvoting simple one letter posts just for the kicks of it. Mine wasn't like that, people upvoted because they wanted to, and SBI just happened to upvote that post. Which could have happened on any other post since SBI is content agnostic.

I make some good and some not that good posts, but I am not a fan of downvoting from malice even if the post is not of a stellar quality.

That's all.

That is where local communities (or international ones) that are hands on with newbies are important.

I think his base "justification" is no blind upvotes , even though he was a bidbot maker.

I must say that his downvotes sometimes are most of the time un-called for, and a person trying to play hero isn't going to work either.

If I would really go on a downvote spree with that power, I would probably take my time and write justification and improvements to the writer.

Besides, social interaction from Facebook itself never had money. 😏

So to my personal point of view money driven interaction doesn't will not harvest longterm friendship and loyal followers (who couldn't care less of the pay)

The only unfortunate stance is that the rewards ties closely to trending; so even a post that is extremely good content will go unnoticed over general shit posts (I am not talking about yours) that farms for profit.

At the end of the day, it is an individual point of view. Some would love your work and others would just care less and be a meanie.

(ps: I think quick posts.... WhereIn and Appics would serve much better)

Maybe SBI can later restructure its reward strategy for a more even up and worthwhile way for a win-win ecosystem.

Besides, social interaction from Facebook itself never had money.

But it does. Plenty of money, for Facebook. And I don't work for Facebook, I don't even use Facebook so for me that point is kind of moot. What other people do with their time is their own business.

(ps: I think quick posts.... WhereIn and Appics would serve much better)

I don't have a phone capable of running these apps. Even @eSteemapp is a bit too much for my phone at times. I don't even see the difference, it's the same blockchain and the content is still visible to everyone. Wouldn't make a difference what app I use posting the photo from, it's still the same photo.

Maybe SBI can later restructure its reward strategy for a more even up and worthwhile way for a win-win ecosystem.

Maybe they can, but I wouldn't know what that is and how it would work better. @MarkkuJantunen told me Yesterday, that maybe they should upvote only content that is upvoted more. But I don't know. Not all people post every day and/or have stellar content that everyone would vote for. Also, SBI is not giving out 10 to 100 dollar upvotes anyway, the votes it gives are really tiny, so it wouldn't even matter.

I think SBI needs a curation team to do that.

Basically the notorious crusader says SBI is ripping people off lol.

I am pretty sure there's a better way to strengthen the community upvotes.

And yes, unfortunately Appics is not good. But I think WhereIn is less draining than eSteemapp. Even a 4 GB RAM Hwawei the whole app freezes (for eSteem)

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Curation would definitely break the concept of the "basic income" in SBI. It would then be just another curation project.

Oh, and thanks for the tip, I'll check out Wherein.

Keep up the fight bro, SBI is a great project and can't be brought down by one resentful individual

One thing I love about SBI, and other projects like it, is people actually have to post, and work there ass off by posting everyday before they actually see any ROI.

Hey @gamer00, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks for the SBI, skål !BEER

I could not agree with you more, He has not targeted me yet but he has a few friends of mine and the @canna-curate group

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Thank you

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Dont let him get to you! I support you 110% and I support sbi too! And you're right. A safety net is always nice! I definitely plan on sponsoring more people so them and I can benefit from sbi. I have sponsored 2 of my friends so far and they were crazy excited when they started receiving sbi! You do you brother!

What he doesnt get with downvoting me is that I work ASS off on this platform supporting others and ALL my profits go to that. All. He is just dumb.

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It's good news friend @ gamer00, thanks for sharing.

Seems he's stopped

That's good news.

I no longer get downvotes

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Thanks, I'm not sure if I like the idea of downvoting myself. While I am not getting much, I am still not that unappreciative over getting paid.

But since he is forcing me not to make anything from Steem, I might as well fight back. It is not anything new. The really interesting thing is why is it that it's always the rich who are more jealous if someone below them is earning anything.

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Oh, I made a mistake there, what I should've been saying was "I don't like the idea of downvoting my own posts", as an reply to what you were saying about downvoting yourself (If I even understood that correctly).

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He’s attacking tokens as well now.

I know I know, mainly tokens from sbi_tokens right?

Palnet, Photo, anything community based.

I have seen that, but if its the same tokens as the @sbi_tokens account is holding then it makes sense.
I am still against it, but it makes sense :)