Voting for the Power Down reduction proposal from 13 to 4 weeks / Proposal promoted by @thecryptodrive

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A few days ago navigating the ecosystem I found this publication that proposes the reduction of Power Down time from 13 to 4 weeks, I must confess that immediately this caught my attention and I read several publications: Vote for 4 Weeks Power Down! Vote for @thecryptodriveWitness!, that support the proposal, I decided to join, vote for @thecryptodrive as a witness, vote on his proposal and write this publication inviting you to consider the proposal and join it.


Reasons why I joined.

Personally I think that the arguments used to present this proposal for later implementation, make a lot of sense and are very relevant. If we take into account the decentralized nature of this platform, those who invest money want to have full control of their resources, logically respecting the regulations that may exist, in this case the blocking of funds for 13 weeks.

The reduction of this period can be an attractive incentive for more investors to come to the platform, knowing that they can dispose of their investment in a relatively short period of time.

"The premise behind this change is to reduce the barrier to entry for investment into Steem and PoB SMT's, currently it is daunting for investors to lock-up their capital for 13 weeks. While 4 weeks is still high compared to other chains like EOS , it is a positive incremental iteration in the right direction, with low risk of market sell-off. It can be further reduced in a future hardfork if proven to not have adverse market effects. "

How to join and support this proposal?

If you want to support this proposal you can do it in a simple way, there are three platforms through which you can access to support this proposal:

In my case, use and I want to show you how you can do it by accessing this link, then select the option of the proposal.


In the next step you must enter your username and choose Steem Keichan or Steem conet to authorize your vote, I chose steem conet.


Then it will ask for your username again and your active cave to complete your operation.


With these simple steps you will be supporting this proposal that will serve to attract more investors to this platform.

Currently the proposal has received the support of 289 users, so you have time to join and present this proposal to others if it seems feasible.

If you want to have more information on this topic, I invite you to read the original publication that contains the proposal.

HF Proposal: Vote to Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks

Thank you for your support of this proposal .

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You are right. Investors don't like illiquid (frozen) assets - me either. 13 weeks are an eternity in this accelerated, running world.

Hello friend @deathcross, thanks for your comment.

That is why I say that it is a very good argument to support this proposal, blockchain is synonymous with decentralization and freedom, I think that people want and need to have control over their resources. That's my opinion.

Dear @fucho80

I like @cryptodrive and I support him with my vote (in his journey as a witness )- however I don't like an idea of changing powerdown period to 4 weeks.

I like the fact, that those who power up or receive curation rewards in form of SP - are long term participants in steem economy.

Anyway that's just my own little opinion
Yours, Piotr

Hello dear leader @crypto.piotr, thanks for leaving your opinion.

What I express in this publication is my opinion about this issue, I think that people want and should have control over their investment, more when it comes to blockchain and its most important flag, decentralization.

In any case, it is a consensus proposal and to achieve its implementation you must obtain good support, I think this can be good for the ecosystem.

I stand with you on this. Cheers!

Hello @Fucho80 I don't support the proposal to reduce the power down period to 4 weeks. If adopted, Steem will become one of those pump and dump coins already in the market. If this proposal is implemented, I will start powering down and getting ready to leave. Cheers!

Ok it's reasonable what you say brother, thanks for your comment.