Would You Welcome "DLive" Back to Our Platform?

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Oh yeah, I said it. Went and broke the holy grail of taboo subjects when it comes to the STEEM blockchain. But hey, stranger things have happened. The reason why I put this to you is because a certain other "popular" Dapp has returned to our shores whilst previously leaving us and going with another blockchain. I remember back then a lot of the same resentment towards them too, but are we letting our emotions get the better of us?


Well, when it comes to DLive, I remember the anger I felt towards them. Things like "backstab, thevies and assholes" were amongst some of the words flying about my head regarding the development team. Anyways, they've been gone a while now although I'm not too sure how well they are doing. The "pewpiepie" euphoria seems to have died down quite a bit. Nevertheless, during the time of their departure from us, we have an implemented and highly functional tool for onboarding SMT tokens for projects, in the form of "Steem-engine". The vision I always dreamt of in regards to an eco-system of sorts, is now being realised in spectacular fashion.

So how would we feel if DLive firmly shoved their tail between their legs and wanted to get in on a piece of the action these sides? To be honest, I wouldn't mind all that much. Albeit they'd have to work veritable miracles to get the community back on side though. The fact of the matter is, they "were" good when they were around. Something many don't like to admit too. Poeple did like their interface, seamless website and colourful presentation. It was a great addition to the STEEM blockchain while it lasted. Having them back would mean we have a solid tokenised streaming service available for us all to use. Surely, that's a good thing, right?

I try to keep my inner emotions seperate from what is good for the future of this blockchain. The biggest test for me so far being when "DLive" left. But a lot of time has passed and I don't feel that same rage as I did before. Things are so different now with what we have to offer. This blockcain has more of a "commecial" and "business" feel then ever before and therefore maybe a more mature and econonic stance is required from our perspective. Again, these are my personal feelings on the matter.

STEEM is growing and, some might even say, flourishing. Sure, the price is stagnant and low, so obviously I'm just referring to other positives such as the overall development and cultural change we are witnessing. If we're to promote this new type of professional mindset to the crypto world then I guess embracing old enemies once more and calling a truce, comes part and parcel with that change. We shall see, ladies and gents. Regardless, there are many more surprises in store for us and this amazing blockchain. The STEEM saga continues...


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Who was the one that returned?

obviously they can, we are a free platform and decentralized so it's not like we can stop them (unlike their fake bchain)

I doubt they will get as much voting support as they used to though

They'd be getting a lot of hate, for sure. However, if they can bring more eyes to STEEM through their own platform, I would welcome that particular aspect.

The returning project is Drugwars. They left exclusively for Byteball and now we find ourselves with a DWD token on Steem-engine. Hopefully I got all my facts right concerning them, but I think it's an interesting discussion nonetheless. :)

I don't know that I'd count them as leaving though. While they decided to take their token away from the Steem ecosystem they at least chose a platform that had been kind to many Steemians with their airdrop.

More importantly they also kept a presence on Steem. You could still share your fights and earn Steem rewards via their upvote. This is quite different than DLive who could have done something similar while still introducing LINO a la the way DTube has done it.

To answer your actual question though DLive can go burn in hell. 😀

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I remember when the team behind Drugwars announced the "Future" token with intent on moving to another blockchain, they were met with similar anger. Again, people had (and probably still have) differing views on their decisions.

But I do understand your stance on DLive. Many, I'm sure, share that exact same view.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

I have mixed feelings about this:

The first thing is that the North remembers and I am the North, but at the same time, I feel that everyone deserves a second chance because this isn't medieval times where everyone was beheaded by anything.

Certainly, your question is really difficult to answer.

You have mixed feelings and I "totally" get it! Ditto for me...

I want know, why they want come back now ?😂

Lol, they aren't coming back. I'm just hypothesising. :)

I know ... but this what I want know first :)))

That's one of the most difficult questions I have seen today.

Hopfully I won't get too much heat for asking. :)

Hahaha not at all. It's just a very confusing and difficult one. Thanks for bringing this topic up! I would love to know what people would think of this too :D

One of the few things I'm thankful for from @dlive was the opportunity to meet you and a few other Steemians in real life. Otherwise as @acidyo said above they can come back but I would never support them with my voting power. They are less than dead to me.

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I'd say it depends on their reasoning for wanting to come back and their full explanation for leaving ...

It'd have to be a spectacular story though.

Yes, imagine the length of that post! I mean, they were pretty much chased off the platform so the excuse to return here will have to be legendary in reasoning. But hey, some may say do they even need to explain themselves? After all, if they thought the "grass in greener" elsewhere, who are we to judge? Although the free funds they got from Steemit Inc. through delegation, will be a tough one to win over the community I feel...

It really did look like a "take the money and run" scheme, but you never know ...

To be clear ...
I'm 90% sure it WAS a take the money and run scheme ... but in a free society, there's nothing preventing them from doing that ... but the same society will make it hard for them to return. Unless they simply rebrand themselves with different userid's...

Maybe they are already back ...

I digress..

What money did they run off with though? They used their delegation to upvote Steemians and their staff (which PLENTY of Steem operations do). The stats don't lie, they upvoted more users than most other dApps comparatively (They posted their voting stats monthly including team votes which made up ~10% of their monthly voting. Very reasonable IMO.). They used their VP and delegation very well if you take emotion out of your thinking.

IIRC they had accumulated like 70-80k STEEM/SP from their time curating on the Steem platform and didn't power down until they LEFT Steem. That STEEM when cashed out wouldn't cover 2 months of operating cost for a streaming platform. This community severely underestimates the cost of operating a streaming infrastructure at the level DLive operates. For nearly 10 months DLive operated at a deficit on top of the additional flaws the STEEM ecosystem had/has.

They were presented with an opportunity to switch blockchains and have more resources at their disposal all while being able to address the issues DLive thought was hindering their mainstream adoption on the Steem blockchain.

I don't harbor any resentment for DLive, they did what they thought was best for their company's future which is what ANY of us would have done under the same circumstances.

I don't blame our community for being angry with DLive, but we also don't have the full story.

(According to a source - DLive team member since the beginning) DLive never approached Ned or Steem for the delegation, it was given to them without really any communication at all from Steem or Ned. In fact the only direction DLive received from Ned was to not use their delegation to upvote TrevonJb.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike DLive and how they handled their situation, but a a "take the money and run" scheme is definitely not something they're guilty of. It was more like a "cut our losses and run" scheme.

That is the kind of "full explanation for leaving" that I think would win the hearts and minds of many steemians. When fully explained with logic and not emotion, it is much more reasonable.

Even @ezzy might agree.

They can take their shitty blockchain and token and shove it. But nothing is stopping people from posting dlive content on steem.

No. Only because I wouldn't trust them, not because I don't want to.

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I would welcome them back. I'm still raw about what they did and like another commenter said, "The North Remembers", but I'm also a pragmatist and screw the pewdiepie thing. They had a super solid app that WORKED. We need products that can compete with the big dogs and we're lacking that right now. We still got that "beta" feeling about us.

Would You Welcome "DLive" Back to Our Platform?

Can I step on their balls first?

during the time of their departure from us, we have an implemented and highly functional tool for onboarding SMT tokens for projects, in the form of "Steem-engine". The vision I always dreamt of in regards to an eco-system of sorts, is now being realised in spectacular fashion.

It's not enough. Now what DTube is doing with their side chain...now that shows promise. If that kinda shit was merged back into Steem, possibly with SMT's in some way, that could really be a thing that could make us explode and bring them back maybe...if they wanted to even come back.

What they've done is basically just a tip system though, so I doubt that it really had anything to do with any of the bullshit they claimed.

They didn't leave on the best of circumstances, because they weren't honest about anything. They could have told us all that they were doing a test from the beginning. They could have probably even gotten away with just announcing a few weeks before they did that there was a project by someone they had worked with before and they were considering moving over to that chain to support them or some such. Most of the problem was actually just that they were idiots. They probably could have gotten away with the move with a bit less anger if they had a public relations person.

It was a great addition to the STEEM blockchain while it lasted.

Yeah it was. People kinda noticed some of the issues...but they were mostly ignored and not shared as they should have been. Then they went all "I told you so" after.

Their site worked a lot better than Dtube though. Which is dumb. Dtube could work a lot better with a bit more funding likely.

If another site wanted to pop up with some nice funding and work well like that, that would be awesome. Just please don't just hop up and leave. At least work on multiple chains.

DTube working on their own chain scares me too...like they could possibly leave. But with them...I feel like maybe it might actually be for their best if they decide to do that. Although then wtf are we supposed to do? Like we're all supposed to make accounts and put in money there too? Fuck!

I think with the advancements, if we can manage to sort out some of our issues, we might really blow up and get a bunch of different sites coming here and adding to our development. And maybe even DLive will come back...but if they wait too long, they'll just be another random video site that happens to have something to do with crypto. But that's only if we can fix our issues. The entire time I've been here I've been waiting and hoping they would work towards fixing the problems here. They've actually gotten worse in some ways.