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Wanted to give you guys an update on where I'm at tribe-wise. When I first started out with them in the spring, I really just wanted to accumulate a little bit of everything. From A to Z, I bought in to many different tokens so as to have as broad a coverage as possible. Now what that did was left me ankle-deep in a hodgepodge of assets but with little ability to deliver an impact when curating.

So, I looked around and took note of the tribes that I wanted to focus on and began trimming the rest. Instead of spreading myself too thin, this allowed me to concentrate my votes in a smaller number of tokens. A few of these are 200,000 SPORTS, where I've pulled back a bit, 100 CANNA, 500 PAL where I've recently bought a little more, 36,000 DBLOG, which I've been steadily accumulating and 51,000 AFIT. I also plan to create more content for steemleo, in discussions of my investments outside of Steemit, while increasing the number of LEO tokens staked.

New TRIBE spotted!

Recently I noticed a new resident in my Steem-Engine account. The POINT token is from a tribe called TalkingPoint and their focus is on politics, news and current events. I can tell you folks, if my Twitter account is any indication of the passion invoked by political opinions, we're in for one hell of a ride!

With the Presidential election approaching and impeachment in the air, I'm just surprised no one thought of this sooner. I've been hesitant to express my thoughts in this arena on Steemit, as I feel it tends to divide more than unite us. However, I wonder if I shouldn't decide to jump right in. What do you think?

So the plan going forward is to keep powering up STEEM and staking tokens. I think 2020 will be an exciting year for crypto and it looks like the TRIBES came along at just the right time. Where do you see yourself crypto-wise in the new year?

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I'm excited about talking point too. Upvoted with POINT, just coz you're excited too. @riverflows xx

Right? My Twitter lights up with election talk. Thanks for the points, this thing is going to be huge! :)

Dive right in!

Hhhmmm... I once made a joke about Oprah on Twitter. Something to the effect of her orbiting the Earth and blocking out the Sun.

Lemme tell ya, I've never seen such a response in my life! lol! But we'll see what happens. :)

I have also noticed TalkingPoint. People who love to talk about politics, news and current events, that would be a home for them. It is exciting to see how everything goes in 2020.

You're doing an awesome job with self-defense. I might need some of it if I jump in over there! :)

I'm getting positive feedback from people. I'm passionate about martial arts. This is something I love to talk about. I just created a community named Self Defense View. Hope we will see people who like self defense and martial arts.

Thank you so much @evernoticethat for your feedback. It means a lot to me.

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