STEEM power down window and the law of triviality

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Parkinson's law of triviality is C. Northcote Parkinson's 1957 argument that members of an organization give disproportionate weight to trivial issues.

Parkinson provides the example of a fictional committee whose job was to approve the plans for a nuclear power plant spending the majority of its time on discussions about relatively minor but easy-to-grasp issues, such as what materials to use for the staff bike shed, while neglecting the proposed design of the plant itself, which is far more important and a far more difficult and complex task. wikipedia link

Now, we discuss power down window every day and come up with really complicated solutions, I wonder if we're missing the real stuff in the roadmap: SMTs.

Did you have a look?


Or how about getting STEEM on more exchanges while it is relatively cheap.

Thats a “high impact” action, indeed. Thanks for raising awareness.

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Of course.

Getting steem on there would be big though. We need steem on more exchanges with fiat on ramps...

I like the proposed idea to give users more options in regards to power down time. Not everyone is happy with 13 weeks periode and if we can make the system more flexible why not. There is no need to make amymore changes in the future if users can decide for themself of how long the power down periode should be.

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Everything is about tradeoffs.

Thats a complicated solution.

  • How much time do we need to develop, test, and deliver this feature?

  • do we add another complexity point to the STEEM economics? It’s already such a complicated ecosystem

  • Do we have other issues in the backlog having higher impact?

If we answer these questions, and see the “complicated” solution is viable, I am all in for it.

I don't spend much time on it. I thought a shorter power down period would be better for a long time. That simple.

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bluerobo efficiency and directness on its best. 😂

Another important issues: onboarding and mass adoption problems, reward curve inequality, downvoting maniacs...

Do you have any ideas to address the onboarding and mass adoption?

Also, what’s the problem with reward pool curve? Can you elaborate?

Small fishes get almost nothing and they leave disappointed. The reward curve also benefits greater stakeholders and disappoints newbies, small investors, good writers with not so many friends.

They are talking about mass adoption but aren't rewarding the masses. The system benefits, in reality, only the few stronger. "The top of the Steem Society."
(Just like some governments in real world...)

We tend to do a lot of talking.

Saw your message about witness... how does one judge which witness is an "Active Witness"

Witnesses can retire by setting their key to STM1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm. (NULL key) For example, teamsteem is a not an active witness anymore, you can see from his signing key, it's the NULL key:

Also, most of the witness pages mark inactive witnesses, e.g: Inactive witnesses have a special strikethrough effect in steemd interface.

Also, checking witnesses' latest posts also might point the active/inactive status. Example:


Tks for reply..will consider voting you for witness..


I got your wallet memo about helpie being inactive? I thought they were active curators still due to this helpiecake they run?

Ignore this, I just read their post about them disabling it but the helpiecake project is different. Thanks for letting me know.