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I have packaged the steem-statusbar into a traditional MacOS App.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 22.14.01.png

  • Download it at the releases page: 0.0.1

Tested on macOS Catalina, probably needs macOS Catalina. It's a semi-standalone application thus it also needs command line developer tools installed to work.

Let me know if you try and encounter any problems.

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Really cool! I will Install!

!giphy smile


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I too think this is nice.

Will there be linux version for this?

The library I use is specific to MacOS. But let's see what can I do.

I was thinking about this question, I don't dare ask something like that, but for Linux it's music to my ears, congratulations

Can you add support for the touchbar?

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True. I should add that.