What Would You Like to Get Out of STEEM?

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I realize I have asked this question before, but as TIME GOES BY, THE MORE I REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS and now different our needs are. I initially thought the greatest thing I'd get from Steem was financial freedom, butas time goes by, I realize how much potetial STEEM has to change my life as it is right now. Truth is, it doesn't need to moon for STEEM to be able to help you achieve your life goals/dreams.

Even with the current STEEM price, someone somewhere is able to provide the basic needs for their loved ones. Someone has been able to make better content using the equipment they have bought though STEEM, Someone is able to pay their bills thanks to STEEM, and maybe, someone somewhere is able to travel etc thanks to this amazing platform. All of which, if you ask me, are life changing experiences, which may not have been possible if STEEM didn't exist. Which brings me back to my point earlier, what is it that you are looking to achieve with your STEEM journey?

Maybe some of us have already had a fulfilling Steem experience, but for some, they are still in search or in wait of it. What's that one thing you'd want Steem to achieve/do for you?

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Hi @elsiekjay, I really hope Steem has worked the extent for others so they can pay their bills and buy their food. I hate to hear that people are so poor.

It has for me if I'm being honest, Idk what I'd have done without it. Forever grateful <3