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RE: CZ of Binance is talking about Steem and he doesn't even know it

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But LBRY is a better substitute for YouTube, because it allows video uploads and viewing. STEEM isn't really much like YouTube. Bitchute is a much more likely replacement for YouTubers. Anywhere that's free and allows video upload and viewing will benefit most from YouTube's loss. I used to also mention Flote in this category, but now I'm not sure, as I don't think the video uploads last forever (much like DTube).


Steem has 3speak 🤑

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3Speak (like Steem) costs money to use. Most people leaving YouTube aren't looking for a paid site to join.

How does Steem cost money to use? the 30 steem monthly fee for storing hours and hours of videos is literally nothing.

You may have not tried starting an account from zero for a while. The recent HFs have made doing so impossible. People don't see Steem as free, because they can't get started without paying. It's just how it is.
"Literally nothing" would be 0. 30 is more than 0, and thus you're categorically wrong.
Which puts you at 0 for 2.

Considering there is curation and you can easily earn back the 30 steem + more it can easily become nothing. We have more curation going on now than ever before and we welcome new accounts with open arms. Have you tried creating a new account? You'll probably do better than the garbage you keep spewing on this one.

The question was: is Steem ready to accept the millions of YouTubers being ejected from that website right now?

My answer is no, and my reasoning is that YouTube did so well because it was free and instant. Other video sites tried charging, even just a dollar a month, and never caught on. Free is the price point the masses are looking for. Not 30, not 1, but free. Steem isn't free, because if you start with nothing, you can't even post, comment, or rate anything. If you're willing to give up a little privacy and wait 1-3 weeks, you can get a 15 (I think it is?) delegation to help you get going. Have you ever tried starting from 15 SP and working your way up? I started from several HUNDRED 2 years ago, and I'm still only at 3000ish (about half my current SP belongs to a charity project). I create content full time, and my income here has only JUST surpassed 30 Steem per month. In other words, I'm only now, for the first time in 2 years after starting at several hundred Steem, able to afford to get on 3Speak.

Your answer is yes, because a videographer who just got kicked off YouTube, looking at Steem, will see they have a 2 week wait to get a Steem account, then they'll have to grind (text and image only) to the point where they can afford 30 Steem/month to get upgraded to a 3Speak account, and then be able to post videos... and that they'll choose that over Bitchute (which looks similar to YouTube, doesn't require them to learn to code, doesn't need a second website membership to upload videos, is instant, is free, and won't make them post non-videos to earn their way up to the ability to post videos)?

The proof is in the pudding. Bitchute and other free video sites are doubling in size on a regular basis right now. Is Steem?

What you say is so removed from reality, I'm not sure if you're joking, trolling, or just unaware.

is Steem ready to accept the millions of YouTubers being ejected from that website right now?

There are not millions of crypto youtubers, but to accept them all for free right now, no. 3 Steem is not expensive to create an account if free claimed ones run out.

Youtube ran at a loss for over a decade with google funding it to become what it is today, obviously Steemit does not have that kind of money. The wait time to create an account has been lowered as stated in a steemitblog post.

You can still post 3-4 times and vote 10 times even with 0 SP, the 15 SP delegation is just a bonus and soon we will have resource credit delegation which will make it possible for anyone with no cost to use Steem for free.

3speak has guest accounts, steempeak has guest accounts and both offer account creation, so I really think you're either intentionally overlooking those facts or pumping the numbers because it helps your narrative.

Not even gonna get into everything I think is wrong with Bitchute but they are miles behind something like Steem.


Notice I said steem, and not steemit. There are video content options on steem.

You said Steem, not Steemit.... and so did I. And?
Point is, Steem isn't like YouTube. Bitchute and LBRY are.
People leaving YT don't want to have to learn how to use the Steem blockchain. They want to upload videos, and watch them. Bitchute and LBRY do that. Steem doesn't.
Also, LBRY and Bitchute are free to use, like YouTube. Steem isn't free to use. (Try starting from 0 and see if you get anywhere here.)

There is 3speak as well as dtube.

People leaving YouTube want other free sites where the videos don't disappear after a few weeks.
3Speak isn't free.
DTube's videos disappear after a few weeks.

Is that true about dtube videos disappearing after some time?

If you use them for hosting then yes, your videos are replaced by newer ones uploaded to the network after a year, not weeks. But you can use other centralized service providers like youtube, twitch, dailymotion etc. for hosting as well.

Do they stay on the blockchain?

No, Steem only stores text on the chain. Dtube uses IPFS to keep videos decentralized.

Try starting from 0 and see if you get anywhere here.

Many do and many get everywhere, open your eyes to what the EIP is doing and stop living in the past.