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Months ago I wrote a suite to make hivemind easy to deploy with docker (https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@drakos/hivemind-easy-deployment-with-hivemind-docker). This an update to support communities.

The latest hivemind branch that supports communities is 214-core (https://github.com/steemit/hivemind/tree/214-core) but it hasn't been yet merged into the master branch and their dockerhub image hasn't been updated (the current one is 4 months old). That's probably why nobody was aware of that branch!

Hivemind-communities requires a resynch and reindex, given the added columns in a few postgres tables.

Added features to hivemind-docker


  • Postgres dump for local backups (./run.sh dumpdb)
  • Support for communities using 214-core, I built a docker image and integrated that in the ./run.sh build command. You can always build your own image, just tag it hivemind:latest and you're good to go.
  • Additional test commands:
    ./run.sh testhivecom - test a hive-communities API call to hivemind
    ./run.sh testjussicom - test a hive-communities API call to jussi

Update procedure

Requirements: 240GB for the database and 50GB for the dump file.

@emrebeyler has updated his hivemind (https://steemit.com/hive-101863/@emrebeyler/announcing-a-new-hivemind-communuties-node-https-hivemind-communities-emrebeyler-me), we will use that in our update procedure.

  • Stop hive and postgres (jussi too, optionally)
    ./run.sh stop all
    ./run.sh stop jussi
  • Delete the pgdata folder
    sudo rm -rf pgdata
  • Initialize a fresh database
    ./run.sh initdb
  • Edit the .env file and update DB_DUMP_URL to this
  • Start postgres and import the latest dump
    ./run.sh start postgres
    ./run.sh importdb
  • Finally, start hive and let it synch the missing blocks
    ./run.sh start hive
  • If using jussi, add the following to the DEV_config.json file
      "name": "bridge",
      "translate_to_appbase": false,
      "urls": [
        ["bridge", "http://hive:8080"]
      "ttls": [
        ["bridge", -1]
      "timeouts": [
        ["bridge", 30]

and start it
./run.sh start jussi

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