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RE: List your top 5 cryptocurrencies! I want to know what Steemians love the most! 👌🏼💯

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flagged for bid bot abuse , @steemflagrewards
or buy upvote

Everyone is responsible for purifying the community of steem
my 2% downvote just is a summons without punish.

The summons is just a reminder that you need to be clear about what you are doing and be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

If you support my work, you can give me some upvote on the comment of the summons.

If you find my mistake, you can give me a valid upvote (0.02sbd) on this comment. I will arrange a time to review or provide relevant evidence as soon as possible.


I don’t think you deserve an upvote. You should consult people first, I’m not sure I think your intentions are good?

we don't provide evidence at the first time, is not that we have no evidence, only we just do give the abuse account a summons without punish, and at the same time don't want our summons result to the follows do Serious punish because we provide the Clear evidence.

we do make only a summons!

if you need ,we will give the evidence