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RE: Changing the witness voting system by introducing witness downvotes? Could this work?

in #steem9 months ago

de-centralized tribalism and governance has always sounded funny, downvotes i dont think is ever the solution

i think maybe expiration dates ... obama can not claim the presidency cus he had more votes than trump now sometime x years in the past (from stale accounts or gods know how many they claimed for themselves)

why does everyone consider the elder protectorate to be little elliott nesses

expiration, keeps them on their toes, prevents dead accounts from counting (in-active members) and ... the statistics guys can have a field-day figuring out who is working that election-fraud mojo with owned/proxied-owned and fake-owned claimed or bought accounts

what's not to like ?

k, the consultancy fee is 1.000.000 steem


(keeps them on their toes too, no slacking once you're in the white house as the clock keeps ticking, HEY, like a witness once said "now you have to get off your ass and do something)

(haha LOLMAO ... its been most entertaining so far)

the current witnesss voting system is swiss cheese, i have been shouting that for quite some time but im not incrowd (and i actually dont wanna be)


I do like the idea of vote decay.