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RE: Downvotes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Dear @juanmolina!

I share your views on this issue and have posted two articles in the last days to address this.


I think it's time to discuss this with many other fellow steemians before the frustration of some over this gets unbearable for them and they might leave the #STEEM blockchain.

In general I believe that expressing of positive and opposing beliefs or even disgust via not upvoting and commenting is more than sufficient.

Giving everybody the chance to downvote without having own stakes in the game imo seemed to be a bad idea before hf21 and right from the beginning of the "free downvotes" possibilities it became transparent on the spot that there was misuse taking place.

I'm afraid that this will reduce the attractiveness of #STEEM significantly and this becomes even more toxic because we are in a troubled crypto environment anyways.



@juanmolina, thanks for such a thoughtful post. It is nice to see others who feel the same as I do on this topic.

...a space where the grantor of a Downvote, has the obligation to express (Perhaps with the use of a few characters) the reasons why he made the decision to assign said flag. -juanmolina

I have said this in a few posts on this very topic. Require justification for the downvote. I wouldn't be opposed to the same for an upvote as well.

right from the beginning of the "free downvotes" possibilities it became transparent on the spot that there was misuse taking place. -idofeellucky

I am opposed to the "free" downvote. If it is something bad enough for one to downvote, one should be willing to pay to downvote it, just like they pay to upvote when they feel it is deserving of such.

I can tell you from experience, I was away from Steemit for over a year and just returned two months ago to give it another try. My very first post was A Year of Ups and Downs, But I'm Still Standing. It was immediately downvoted by some asshat for no reason that I can think of. Some felt it was because a curation pool or pools may have voted on my post. Another person thought he was the reason for the downvote because he upvoted my post and the downvoter did not like him. All this said, I almost threw my hands up and walked away from Steemit and Steem for good.

When used excessively, an incorrect message is sent to potential investors and new Steemians. Who wants to be in a social environment or invest their money where Armed Gangs can hijack the system?

The old flag wars and this new downvote mafia mentality is in no way good for Steemit. People who are serious content creators, or just social butterflies, are not going to stick around long if they are being downvoted for no reason, or at least no reason is being given. so they can adjust behavior.

A good example of this is @paintingangels who has left our community per her post Hello and Goodbye. This pisses me off because she was one of the first who reached out to me upon my return and convinced me to stay after my first post back was almost downvoted to nothing.

I am all for the requirement to manually provide a reason for a downvote and to make them put SP toward the downvote.


I had the pleasure of reading your publications.
This option to justify the downvote in writing has become a clamor of the community

Undoubtedly, if someone does not like a publication, the healthiest thing is not to vote in favor and perhaps leave a thoughtful comment.

The downvote should be an option of last resort.

Thanks for your comment! Exactly my thoughts! That should be enough!

My Dear Friend!