Why I love Steemit And What Steemit Means To My Life

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Good day;

Why we love steemit and why steemit means to our life, A free-write writing by Admin. Most of the time we are all engaging a highly valued original content, I know every one of us aiming to get a valued vote from whale's, dolphins, and Orcas. That is why we are all busy thinking about how we can write or what I can write in today's post?

Same figure right! I know because steemit is one of the best legit social media's not only a legit but we can learn, educate and earn knowledge espeially manage the community-base. Sometimes other people say that I am tried to write, to share, to post, because of their earnings. Sometimes people mindset is all about the earnings not to educate their own to know how to run the platform.

Steemi.com is the second home-base income I can learn how to write, learn how to correct my wordings, spellings and most is the correct grammar. That is why I love steemit.com not just I earn but I learn more knowledge by engaging different types of people around the globe.

I learn more about the chain without steemit I don't know how to trade, to know the currencies and to know to invest even in a small value of earnings. The best part of steemit is to invest your money in the right way at the right time. So no need to hurry because steemit is a long term investment so no need to worry and hurry know first before you step to the next level so BE PATIENT.

Steemit a lot mean to my life especially when I was at the first level engaging how to manage the platform and how to start my first post, my first comment, and my first earnings. I am excited that day when I was started to make my articles waiting 24 hours to see if there are people who love my post, to see there are people comment in the post and most is to see how they love and upvotes the post.

We can't hide it that is the fact. At the first level of engaging steem our first set is what, when, where, how I know because we are all same question at the first level of engaging steemit.com. That is the time we make the chance to build a better life the better future of our family.

Steemit is not just to make a post, but you can invest and earn double. You can find more interesting articles just like; contests, photography, steem monster, and most is take more time to the discord server and learn to know people. Discord server can improve your talents of works. Engaging the community in the discord server is a highly good influence to survive your skills of writings.

Aiming the community is not easy because most of them you didn't know there abilities, mind, and appearance. So when you are engaging the community keeps the low profile observe the community and don't ask for money because that is the best shot that the community doesn't like you. True? Yes because money is the number problem in the world. So don't ask if you are engaging the community this is not just a tip but this is the fact of learning to trust the community.

Another thing! don't spam people when they are in the busy mode so think about it one missed and you kick in the server. So be aware guys. You can ask questions by mentioning the Admins but don't re-ask again if Admins not replying to your questions. Sometimes Admins are busy too so we need to be patience to observer the kick starter in the discord server hahaha...

Sincerely your's


I think the other thing to remember is that Steemit is only a small part of the Steem blockchain.

There are so many more aspects. There's the games like Splinterlands and Drug Wars, there's apps like actifit and communities like sportstalk which focus on specific interest areas.

The world of Steem is really just beginning to open up.

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Yes, you are right @sparkeys43 the steem world is begun.

You've found my 1 weakness, using the word Steemit =(

@c-a I never expect that you have a weakness hahaha anyway everybody has a weakness.


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