The Concept of Demand and Preference

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Today I would like to share what is the Concept Demands and Preference. First is we know that rampant in the country regarding the demands, for example, people demand their needs and shelter or gadgets and what so ever the want to hand over.

Pople has endless desires and needs that we must meet. No matter how many resources the people have, the needs and wants of the people are endless, and the problem of scarcity cannot be solved. Understanding each person's preferences and needs can greatly assist in making decisions related to the problem of disability. Needs - are very important things for a person to live on including basic needs - clothing, food, and shelter. Disallowing things that meet people's needs can lead to illness or death.

The desire for things beyond basic needs is preferred. These are the things that a person may not have but can still live with. People seek it because it will give them comfort, pleasure, prosperity, and honor.

Physiological needs (physiological) - the lowest part of the pyramid, which includes the biological needs of food, water, air, and sleep. Safety needs - this refers to the requirements for safety and assurance of life, including the assurance of employment and safety. Love / Belonging needs - this is about social needs such as friendships and having a family because people need the love and acceptance of other people. Esteem needs - about the need to be appreciated by others) - pertaining to achieving other people's self-respect and respect. Actualization - the highest degree of fulfillment - the highest level in the hierarchy. Here man is aware not only of his own potential but above all of man's total potential.

Theoretically, people can only focus their attention on the higher level when the lower level is filled.

Achievement - Describes the qualities and attitudes of people with high achievement What has been done is more important than material and monetary rewards. Achieving purpose gives personal satisfaction beyond receiving praise and recognition. Feedback is important to keep track of the unaided achievement.


  • It is of two types - personal and institutional.

  • Personally - this is often not good for wanting to be around others.

  • Institutional - it is focused on efforts to make the organization's purpose work.

  • Affiliation - membership wants to have a good relationship with another person and needs to feel like they are being accepted by another person as well.

  • People's eternal needs and desires are considered to be at the root of the problem of poverty. So it would be wise to make wise decisions regarding the use of finite resources. It is necessary to focus on the things that will give people greater benefit and satisfaction.

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