Another Exchange List STEEM

in steem •  3 months ago  (edited)

Yes, another exchange lists STEEM!



Havent heard much of this exchange but every listing is welcomed.

This is now 3rd or maybe 4th exchange that listed STEEM in the past days ever since the Tron thing started.

It rely shows how important is the press, publicity, twitter and all the attention that STEEM has been getting lately.
We rely have a good momentum now.
Cant imaged that everyone wanted this kind of publicity, but its been astonishing.

STEEM has been getting a publicity it can dream of.

When everyone was talking about a HardFork on of the main obstacles that was there was exchanges listings. Now that we see this poping up all over the place, maybe a HF is not that impossible. We have the moral high ground and a worldwide recognition.

Maybe HF is not a bad option now.

People usually fear changes. HF and the uncertainty it brings. Will do a longer post on pro and cons on the subject.

Steem on!


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That's freaking awesome, 3 down, a few more to go. I made a list of 100 exchanges we can reach out to and leverage it even more

Yes I saw that list. Great job from your side on that one.

We can start nagging them :)

What is the wallet address of this exchange? @pionex is an account that does not exist.

I dont know .... ask them on twitter or, send mail :)

Wow, never heard about it and it's existence. Anyway, as Steem Blockchain community member, I love all exchange that list STEEM.