What ReggaeSteem Will Do with Their Steem Delegation

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ReggaeSteem will Now Actively Support Those Who Promote Steem and Make an Effort to Bring Steem to the Masses

A large part of my Recent Trip to Jamaica involved discussing the strategic objectives of ReggaeSteem and its JAHM token with team members, @donald.porter and @miyard. We talked so much Crypto business that my partner got slightly annoyed as she realized that our trip wasn’t just a vacation. Under the customs form question “Purpose of Travel?” I was stuck deciding between “Tourism”, “Business” and “Visiting Friends.”


ReggaeSteem Recently Unstaked 1.5 Million JAHM

There are more than enough JAHM rewards available for all ReggaeSteem posters. Being on the @jahm.whitelist and creating quality posts currently earns an author between 200-500 JAHM per blog (roughly 10 to 25 STEEM today) considering other curation trails and the popularity boost within the tribe. ReggaeSteem wants to spread more love; lowering the JAHM POWER from 1,650,000 to 150,000 is the way to go so that the community has a larger influence and JAHM power is further decentralized. This also makes everyone else who staked JAHM earn that much more Proof of Stake Rewards.

More STEEM Upvotes

The ReggaeSteem account will use the Steem Power it has acquired through delegation more effectively as of now. At present, if you delegate 1 Steem to ReggaeSteem you will receive a 3 JAHM delegation. There are other ways of receiving JAHM delegations such as if you are producing original source Caribbean content or are from the region. See @conradsuperb’s initiative for further details

ReggaeSteem Will Spread Steem Beyond the Tribe

Previously, only posts by active ambassadors and delegators that didn’t use the JAHM tag got upvotes. THIS ENDS NOW. ReggaeSteem will now use its Steem to support anyone promoting Steem. Those reaching out to other communities and initiatives. Cooperation and collaborative efforts, people who share and re-steem on SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Medium, etc.) WILL GET STEEM UPVOTES FROM REGGAESTEEM!

ReggaeSteem is Now Outward Focused

If you want to be upvoted by ReggaeSteem, you should be actively promoting Steem outside of Steem. You have to be promoting ReggaeSteem outside of ReggaeSteem and you have to be producing quality content. We are looking for other curation groups, stackers, influencers, artists, business owners and other people who use Steem in an intelligent way.

Steem is a Proof of Brain Blockchain and ReggaeSteem will use its Steem solely to keep it as such. If you are interested in delegating to ReggaeSteem please do so and let us know in the comments below or on the ReggaeSteem Discord

Delegate 100 Steem to ReggaeSteem | | Delegate 1000 Steem to ReggaeSteem

Image courtesy of @whatsthatcryptom

We Still Support ReggaeSteem

We upvote all great content, especially original content and I heavily influence what ReggaeSteem upvotes. We support people who spread and share the love of Steem and aren't selfish. The more support you give, the more support you get. Reggaesteem is Caribbean-centric and the Caribbean is a very multicultural place with heavy influence from The America's, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Disclosure: Crypticat is associated with team ReggaeSteem, holds JAHM tokens and will directly benefit from the success of ReggaeSteem and JAHM. I am not providing financial advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold JAHM tokens and/or STEEM. JAHM is a reward token and is not a security. Cryptocurrencies and their derivatives are highly speculative and their value is not guaranteed. Do your own due diligence.

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I'd love for @reggaeSteem to collaborate with @acidyo and the @ocbd team as they are doing an amazing job curating content. They also have an on boarding initiative as well that seemed very appealing to anyone who took part, not sure how it is going now as I haven't kept up on that aspect. Would be good to collab on some on-boarding and other initiatives.

I also admire @theycallmedan and his activity on twitter and Quora as well as his involvement in 3speak and the entire blockchain . I think you and him would come up with some brilliant ideas for mass adaption. Both your minds are as sharp as a katana.
( Was thinking to create a reggaeSteem community on 3speak as the site is very user friendly and aesthetically appealing.)

More of the community needs to be on twitter and other sns at times sharing their content and networking. I know a lot of people don't use twitter, but never too late to start and if not twitter there is facebook, Instagram, tiktok, medium, cent, publish, and tun more. It is easy to get caught just living on steem but its wide ocean out there that we need to bring here.

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Setting up the ReggaeSteem account just to do follow ocbd's curation trail when the voting power is above 98% is a good way to ensure ReggaeSteem's Steem isn't going to waste. I trust their manual curation along with a few other entities like @buildawhale, @steemitbloggers, @aicu, @project.hope, @smartvote, @curangel, @adsup, @smartsteem, @minnowbooster, and every other group which has shifted their focus towards manual curation.

There are also some excellent individual curators who have a talent and passion for recognizing great content. I'm sure a few have stopped by some of your best posts. Uniqueness is key, so is pushing the business.

Steem shouldn't be wasted or hoarded. Let's try to find a few groups, not necessarily tribes to align ourselves with. It would be great to get some advice from these groups as to how we can best curate and spread this Steem. I can just follow the ReggaeSteem curation trail and we can ask people who don't wish to delegate to do the same once everything is working.

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Yes. and we did just that yesterday, the first one we are following is @ocbd. All those accounts you mentioned are doing a great job curating ( I need to up my quality and post at the right time for them to find me though LOL)

Indeed steem has some great people looking out for good content. like @broncnutz who just voted my appics post:)

I'd definitely love to learn a thing or two on how they organize their curation and the criteria etc. though following their trail is the easy and effective way, manually curating is something we want to focus on as well. even with all these curation accounts there are still people being "missed" that have good quality content. There are many content creators and not so many curators.

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Talking about promoting steem. Right now there are a lot of steemians helping out Dan get steem listed on Binance US! https://steemit.com/binance/@theycallmedan/help-get-steem-listed-on-binance-us

It’s great to see some initiative taken while harnessing communities together on the steem blockchain. I’m not really all that interested in the 3:1 divvies but I would personally delegate 2,000 STEEM to help jumpstart reggaesteem’s #new Steem adventure 😎😸

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The 3 JAHM per Steem delegation is a great way to get your toes wet and I am sure the pot can be sweetened for large delegations. I plan on increasing my delegation as well in a couple of days when another lease expires then again in a couple of weeks. An impactful upvote will draw eyes.

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Great way to attract whale votes without having to Kass 😉👍🏽

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Count on me to delegate steem, but I have read or maybe I did not understand well, that it is only for Jamaican, I mean my question is if I delegate steen I also receive jahm of delegation?

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Anyone who delegates to reggaesteem will get the 3 to 1 delegation, delegate 1 sp get 3 Jahmpow.

In addition we are offering bonus delegation to people living in or who are from the Caribbean.

Edit: please don't self vote your comments.

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Ok I got it and sorry to vote for my own comment

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I did that a few times after I started posting. @conradsuperb slapped me around and I stopped.

ejjejejeje It hit me all over my face, it still hurts

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