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RE: Steem - Justin Sun announces another acquisition, could it be Steem/Steemit?

in #steem11 months ago

I wondered the same thing when I saw his tweet! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


Looks like they bought Dlive!

Dang... do you have a link?

It’s on Twitter if you go to Dlive or Bittorent’s page.

Thanks. Perhaps the plan is to migrate all the popular social apps he can over to bittorrent...

I don't have really an idea what that man wants. The only thing I know is all this is giving steem free advertising. I also believe there is something they are not telling us (steemit and Tron), there has been too much silence. Also we have already some Dapps that use Steem and Tron implementation, like Steemmonsters and APPICS.