Announcing a Blockchain EXCLUSIVE Show with Crypto Finally!

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Hi Steem Family!!

I honestly can't stop smiling and am so excited to share this news! @cryptofinally and I will be starting a live show together as part of her "Finally Friday's" brand.

What's really exciting about this is that we will be live-streaming exclusively to decentralized and alternative platforms! We are still working out exactly which platforms we will be sharing the show on - but Steem is obviously top of the list and so we will be looking at streaming on @threespeak. ♥️

The Details

The show will be a 30-minute livestream that happens every Friday at 5pm EST. Catch our first show on Valentines Day - February 14th! We will be posting the replay for those who are unable to make it during the live stream.

We will hang out every week and talk about all things crypto and blockchain! We've already started a list of potential topics and I honestly can't wait to get going!

Follow @cryptofinally on Steem to make sure you don't miss our show!

Showing True Support for Decentralization

I think a lot of people say they support these alternative platforms... but in my opinion, the best way to offer real support is with some exclusive content. The kind of content that will make people want to sign up for these platforms just so they can get it. We hope that this show will be able to help do that.

With our combined almost 30k twitter followers that we will be teasing with the show - we are definitely hoping to drive some traffic to Steem and whatever other decentralized sites we share the show with.

Thank You For All the Love and Support! ♡

The reason at the beginning I said that I couldn't stop smiling is because I feel like my blockchain life has come full circle. Steem is where I first really starting learning about crypto and being a part of this community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. To now be able to show support for this community by partnering up with one of the most popular ladies in crypto and do a blockchain exclusive show... it's just really exciting.

If you guys have any topics you think would be fun for us to discuss... please don't hesitate to drop them below! Like I said, we are building a big list of topics that we can pull from before our live streams every week and it would be fun to hear from you guys on what you'd like to hear discussed.

Love you guys and can't wait to start this show next month!

XO, Lea

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There is no @cryptfinally. I assume you mean @cryptofinally

Geesh dude get real...

Looks like its fixed.

Very nice

The two of you combined have more social media followers than active users on Steem :). I hope our followers get to learn about Steem through your show.

Haha oh no! That’s a sobering thought. 😅 I’m seeing energy shift on here and I think in the next big bull run we could see a lot of activity on here. I hope so! ❤️

This is an excellent point

lol sweet, looking forward to watching this one! Hope it remains exclusive and bringing more peeps here :)

Thanks my friend! I think this show is going to be a lot of fun!

The girls of crypto :)

Nice one!

Thanks! We hope you'll join us on our Friday streams if you can! :)

Awesome!!! I've been taking a break from all things blockchain. One of the first times I've logged on steem, and this is what I see, and I'm soo happy to see this :D All the best ladies, very smart move, and I know it'll be great!

Aww thanks girl!! Sometimes you got to take breaks like that, the blockchain world is exhausting. 😅 Good to see you around here again! ♥️

Great stuff! Will there be guests on?

At this point we aren’t planning to - but you never know!

This is great....looking forward to it!

Thanks so much Isaria!! ♡

Awesome news @coruscate! looking forward to this :-)

Thanks my friend!! 💛

Very good idea, two influential ladies discussing crypto . You know you have to have the podcast too right? just for the reach. So I realize you wont be having any guests but I think it will be a natural evolution. Just a heads up, team @Reggaesteem is ready and waiting to be on the show, just let us know how:) Good luck and looking forward to the show ( what a date, a lot going on )

Thanks so much for the support and encouragement @dmilliz! ❤️ If we ever decide to have guests on the show - we’ll definitely keep you in mind!

Will look forward to seeing your first live streaming with Crypto Finally. It's gonna be amazing.

Aww thanks girl!! I’m really exited!

Glad to hear you're using @threespeak.
Look forward to this!

Hey Jeff! Thanks for the excitement! It really seems like three speak is where it’s at for live streaming on steem right now. :-) Excited to check it out.

That's great news!

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Thanks! We are super pumped about it!

Lookin forward to the interview ladies ☺️

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Thanks Stackin! 🙌🏻

Epicness on the way! Will you be inviting me any special guests? I’d be interested to talk about ReggaeSteem #JAHMFest2020, our Caribbean Steem meetup. Maybe not the first episode but definitely in the future.

Looking forward to the show, cheers !BEER

Thanks for the support Donald!! At this point we aren't planning to have any guests - but you never know! :)

Nice! Blockchain-exclusive content is for sure needed. Lookin' forward to the show :^)

Agreed! I honestly think it's the best way to show support. ♡

You ladies are gonna rock it for sure 🥰

aww thanks Kaerpe! ♡

Wow! This is absolutely awesome from the stable of @coruscate. I always love your submissions, you remain my number one steemian on this platform.

aww thank you!! And thanks for your excitement for our upcoming show! 😊

Great news.... can’t wait to watch.... I follow @cryptofinally on Twitter. Big Steem fan. Http://

That’s awesome! Thanks so much for your support and excitement!

Awesome Sauce! #Livestreaming #Crypto Let me know if your willing to have any special guest for some more Q&A's

Thanks so much for the interest! At this point we are not planning to have guests, but you never know. :-)

Very exciting news! Looking forward to it. Resteemed.

Aww thank you so much for the support!

And a lovely smile it is!

Just added you to my "follow"...look forward to some real life block chain talk...

Aww thank you! Hope you’ll be able to join us for our show!

Excellent news, following them from now on!

Woohoo! Thank you!

Awesome, and best of luck with the new show!

Thank you! 🙏🏼

That's really cool! :)

Thanks Acid!!! We are both super excited! 😊

Add a title like "Steem Finally". I follow the lady on Twitter and already enjoyed her previous week's show.

Haha that’s witty! I like it!

@coruscate Hey, such a new and amazing thing on this platform!!!! Looking forward to 14 feb.... Will surely be in that day!!! It looks really fab and impressive!!! Hat's off!!!
Good luck for your future articles!!! Keep steeming and one last thing that I would really appreciate and feel good if you go through my content and give your review!!! Thanks 😊

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Thanks for your excitement for our new show!! I hope you’ll be able to join us if you are free! If not we will have a replay available. 😊

Looking forward for more! Keep it up!

Thank you!! We hope you’ll be able to join us on the 14th! ♥️

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Aww thank you for the support! ❤️

Great to know that these types of show 🔥 are like a fire 🔥 for crypto community

Woohoo! We think so too and are super excited. :-) Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Great waiting for this live streaming

Awesome! Thanks for the excitement.

I think I have to stay put to this Friday edition and know whaa's up 👍

It’s going to be fun! First episode is on February 14. :-)

Congratulations @coruscate!
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Thanks @arcange! ♡

Should be great to watch

Thanks @paragism! We hope you'll join us live on our Friday streams if you can! 💛

Surely I'll try

Good one, I'm looking forward to this... 😀

Thanks so much!!

This is great... looking forward to it.

Yay! Thanks for being excited!

We must all follow what we love, keep going. Success in what you set your mind!

Its gonna be an interresting show well waiting for more too

hello steemit and i hope that you dont spam me , i need some support from you . i m using this website since two years and i couldnt increase my account at all . peace to you all from north africa .

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amazing news

Thank you!


This has been a long time coming and should make for a great overall watch for sure. I'll be tuning in to watch the action.



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I'll follow @cryptofinally and hope she follows back





Great Content, Great News,
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Thank you so much!


That's good.

Who are these txotxitos?

Trading crypto with a bot is it a better option than manual?

Great question!

Hey lady! Wow look at you go! Every time I stop by to catch up with what you’re doing you always have something spectacular up your sleeves. I’m so excited for you in how much you’ve grown and the powerful influence your presence has on the blockchain. You are really doing your thing and I’m grateful to you for always trying to bring more traffic through here.

I wish both of you ladies the best with your show! I look forward to viewing, I know it’ll be great! 😃💛

GOOD luck with your show.


Congratulations! Keep flourishing.

wow this is really exciting! cant wait to see the show : )

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