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RE: The Steem and Sun Debacle

in #steemlast year

Well no ones every tried to buy a company that owns a chain that’s already been with the community for years so it makes an interesting case study for this type of accusation and how NOT to work with the community and communicate with them to allay fears

The poor communication from the start had people on edge and fight or flight kicked in and everyone wants to protect their property

It could have all been avoided with better comms and a roadmap and even if he appointed someone to be hands on with PR and witnesses

But that’s a lesson we have now learned and for other chains to learn from! I hope it gets resolved I still think he can help expedite a lot of what we’ve wanted to do get this place rocking and 5x his investment and exit


I agree. We need to learn from this and find a way of letting Justin in. I agree with the sentiment of finding a win-win scenario here.