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Hi Friends,

I started investing in Steem 2 plus years ago – mostly when Steem was in the $1.00 range. The price of Steem went on quite the run, as you likely all know. But ever since the price has started eroding, I have been hesitant to invest more into Steem, as I am no crypto expert and the law of supply and demand makes me think that crypto prices will continue to decrease if demand is not increasing at a greater rate than inflation.

But the Steem slide seems to have halted (at least for now), and the price has reversed course… I never thought I would be so happy to see Steem at $0.20! I certainly am hopeful we are going higher, but really, I have no idea.


Unlike analyzing a company, I do not know what the target or fair value should be for an altcoin. I am curious on others thoughts on what the value of Steem should be and why – let me know and I will split a 100% upvote between all relevant commenters over the next 24 hours!

Thanks for coming by,


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It looks like the price has gone up. I am saving my steem to buy silver in the future

STEEM is up, but so is (almost) everything else in the crypto world right now. I'm by no means an expert on crypto either, but I think you're right to question how the supply and demand factor in with regard to STEEM's inflation. The STEEM supply is constantly growing due to it's inflationary mechanism... if demand isn't growing at least at this rate it would seem logical that prices should be decreasing. Does this mean that the demand has grown some? And if so, is it new users? Or is it just the current steem-folk buying up more? Could be both... but who knows?! Your guess is as good as mine! 😎 ✌️

Yes, I agree with all that and it could certainly be the case that traders/speculators have helped push altcoins up with BTC.

Fair value is hard to calculate on a asset like steem or crypto in general. I can tell you that I would like to see it rise and maintain Not pump and dumb. My price target is $0.75 for the EOY.

I hope we get to that and even more in 2020 🤞🏻🤞🏻

I stopped buying after I became a dolphin, I sold a few golden steem monsters cards and bought some other tokens on steem engine like leo and sports.
I hope some of them go up with steem.

BTC is influencing the STEEM price as well as other Altcoins @brian.rrr so if BTC goes up higher we can expect steem to follow suit. The good news is that BTC goes higher and higher so I do think that we are looking at a good future price-wise for steem and it is actually happening right now. :D

I still dont trust the people making the decision for Steem. While id like to believe, all the positives will go right back down the drain if they screw up this next hardfork for SMT like they did the last one. The few people that are still here will dwindle even more.

As far crypto in general, its a total crap shoot at the moment. Until it becomes a mainstream investment there is no stability in any coin including Bitcoin. Just 6 weeks ago Bitcoin was under 7K. Now its 9.2K.

Yeah, I think we have actually been going backwards as well - last fork/changes didn’t go so well and SMTs may not be the game changer people were hoping for. Steem is also on fewer exchanges which is not good. However, I do believe that we will go up with the pending BTC rise (I think it’s coming soon) and if we got listed on Coinbase or something, Steem could double overnight... I am hodling out hope!

Espero que mientras suban las otras monedas steem debe elevarse,ya va por buen rumbo,saludos

Careful... EOS Voice comes out on Feb. 14th.

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