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After finally deciding your Voting stake, you still run into max number of community tag problem just like this post.


True story @bluemist. I have to confess that all the platforms and tokens confuse and annoy me. I feel pulled in so many directions.... Personally, I'd prefer we stuck to 5 tags.

I get you, there has been talk about getting different sliders for different platforms. It would provide convenience but bring along more confusion for new users.

I have to say that I'm inclined to stay on Instagram and Wordpress using @share2steem and @steempress, respectively. I'm very interested in how things are going to unfold.

I've heard peoplebasking for more tags. I really hope it doesn't happen. Maybe give a 6th for the tribe you post in.

We are just going to see tag spam and tag abuse or really dumpy tribe posys and comment voting. It will be sad to see hindreds of low value posts a day in each community just to mine and self vote, but I fear it is already happening.

We also have the looming issue of what happends when sct goes to smt. I'm holding off going for a lot of tokens until that happens as I fear there will be issues.

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Yes, almost every tribe has its own bot now and spammers are trying again to exploit every loophole but things are getting better with time I think.

We still have to wait and see what happens with co-existence of SMTs and Steem-Engine.

All this will end up with is people tag spamming and not allowing the content to be targeted to the right group. Having to go to 14 different interfaces to interact with 14 different types of content will only serve to dilute the attention of Steem users.

Totally agree, It is already happening, more robust solution is required to cater this.

Yes It's pretty confusiong for me right now ^^

It sure is

Really...this meme template never gets

True Story!

Haha! Going to be running out of actual tags relevant to the original post at this rate 😂

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Haha, Who cares about actual tags when you want to maximize your token earnings.

Hmmm you make a good point Mr Mist... 🤔 there's some token thirsty folks out there who might be a little parched! Now they can quench their thirst by #tag4tokens haha

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Yup, yup, yup... LOL

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I know right, Lol

5 is enough for me. Sometimes I use more on steepshot, just for fun.
With more it will look like Instagram...🤣

They are fun indeed.
6 might be the right number but there is chance of tag abuse.

Too funny! I've been carrying on in a discord chat for awhile about #toomanyhashtags and #hashtagmadness and such. #nomorehashtags!

I get overwhelmed by all the steem coin/token options too. Personally, I figure I'm happy with basic steem and don't need anymore than that. Of course, I'm also contemplating my own blockchain-game/app, so my tune may change if that ever begins to happen!

That is true, sometimes I also like to keep it simple.

Looking forward to see your blockchain development...

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